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Poetic T Feb 2019
She'd asked for a teabag
                     one lump or two.

I asked casually??

But replied that she didn't need one
                at the moment!
and could
                   I drop them off later.

So as she slept, I edged closer..
            her mouth open..
         I asked did she want
                    one bag dipped
                                 or two..

She sheepishly said in tired mummers

And believe me with her mouth ajar.
                   they fell into her warmth..
                          Swilling in here moistness
As  she gagged...
                ok may be I should have
                                              dipped one..

Because now my bags are swollen
                     and I'm not dipping them
                                       anywhere soon..
nja Feb 2019
She gets high
to forget
feeling low.
In that instance the hair on her legs and her blood pressure spike, saluting the broken record chips rhythmically spinning above her dimmed wits.
Up, down,
with nothing to break down.
Deeply depressed,
she's high but low.
**** addiction getting out of control.
BC Jaime Mar 2018
He said
          “You’re a bear.”

I said
          “No, I’m a fish.
          Two fish, actually
          in opposite directions
          One tells me: Do it!
          The other says: Oh no
          you betta don’t!”

He said
          “No. You’re a bear.”

I said
          “No. Actually,
          I’m a monkey.
          A crazy, funny monkey
          who can pick up stuff
          with his toes
          then wonder when
          I’ll evolve
          (Even my pops used to call
          me his 'little monkey'.)”

He said
          “Just face it.

I said
          “I beg to differ,
          I am a night owl
          that stares at stars
          or watches Friends
          reruns in the wee hours
          of the morning.
          Ask me a question
          I’ll show you how
          wise I am.”

He said
          “Do you know that
          you are a bear?”

I said
          “Nope. I’m a snake.
          I have tremendous
          sympathy for others,
         great depth of perception
          Am intense, passionate,
          at times, headstrong.”

He said
          “But, you are also a bear.
          A hairy bear.”

I said
          “Fine. I’m a bear.
          Are you happy?
          I’m grumpy, lumbering
          & hate bees.
          I’m hairy,
          I hibernate.
          A. Bear.”

(after a taste
          of honey)

I said
          “And what are you

He said
          “I’m an otter.
          hairy & cute
          just like you
          Now, give me your paw
          Let’s go splash
          around in the river.”

© BC Jaime 2014 || IG: @B.C.Jaime

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
Apachi Ram Fatal Jul 2017
hair dashing vision deploy sud featherless\
motion in active taste bud slipped on eternal\
tip of my tongue whistle lunge internally\
**** drizzle dripped seating scampi intestine\
grip swung intensity hitting uvula grump\
the bedroom slippers pajama snap running\
throat hiccups stuck doll sitting smudge crap\
pat tack in scratch mouth I due alley loop mucus\
packing trunk wood you irritate stove chappy baker\
hunk the lock spinning the sling cling on schnapps\
surviving by the beer Craving Peace of ear confession minding\
the sake of better judgement intrigue maleficent impression\
spite traditional contraceptive contradict hypocritical Kitab rewrite\
Ktab inducting paschen arrange friction pronounce tissue adjudicated\
hit or miss mission issue clevis tension ******* metabolism buoyant crevice\
sullied virginity abolishing hip ripping meat window damp moist cherry\
fur confined steed Structurally Mounting **** transcoding soil instrumenting\
matrimony ring band regent gown slapping *** crack Larry the Cable Guy wed\

Din Din Baby Fat Naming like/
be Naming Baby Shat Chat/
bei spin nozzle creek up/
drift bottleneck swifty/
dream line bleachers/
above the body top/
under tummy tuck/
wackbush stroke/
c ******* broad/
honey i blew up the kid
Julie Grenness May 2016
This is an ode for chicks who tough it,
About an empowered Little Miss Muffet,
Sitting alone there on her tuffet,
Along came a spider,
Who sat down beside her,
Or was he a predator?
What was he after her for?
So, she said to the spider,
Who sat down beside her,
"Rak off, hairy legs!
Don't even beg!
Less is more, less is more,
P.O.Q. , you naughty predator!"
And she ate her own curds and whey!
Empowering Miss Muffets these days,
Hopefully, us old bags do say......
Feedback welcome!
Poetic T Jul 2015
enclosed secrecy
sleep does awaken beauty
new existence birthed
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