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 Dec 2018
Sabelo Gasa
Everywhere I go you're there
You're my happiness creature
The horrible voices doesn't appear
You make my depressions disappear

My nights are so bright
Even though we're far apart.
Can you make my heart shine like you
You hate darkness in you.

Whenever is dark you light up bright
You make my problems light.
You were there before me
I consider you like my theme.

I'm talking to the moon
I miss it during the noon.
I only see you when my eyes are closed
We're miles apart, I'm so interested.

You taght me the sweet smiles
You wipe my wet eyes.
You love me unconditional
You don't take things personal.

Can you give me your peaceful soul?
The love you gave is so beautiful
Mom you're like a full moon to me
I always mess up you still believe in me.
*dedicated to my late mom**
 Sep 2015
Cain Arkay Lazarus
I looked at you
And thought about my favorite movie

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

I looked at you

The light at the end of the tunnel
The break in the storm
The breath of air I wanted to coax from your lungs into mine so I could get high off you

And thought about my favorite movie

But time passed and I realized
You were the light at the end of the tunnel
A train
The break in the storm
The eye
The breath I wanted to coax from your lungs into mine so I could get high off you
Was toxic

So how do I forget thee?
Let me count the ways.
I forget thee when I inhale smoke
Push you out of my lungs to make room for green oblivion
I forget thee when I exhale hunger
Push you out of my heart to make room for orange growls
I forget thee when I inhale exhaustion
Push you out of my head to make room for blue pills
I forget thee when I exhale fire
Push you out of my throat to make room for grey death

And now I can't look at you
Because I'm afraid the next time you look into my eyes you'll see that I've cracked
That I can't understand
That I can't get you out of my eyes
 Sep 2015
Cain Arkay Lazarus
your eyes quietly invade mine
i defensively avert my eyes, only to be disarmed by your smile
i laugh in spite of myself
for there is no place that you cautiously inhabit
that is safe for me to look upon
what the hell is wrong with me?
 May 2015
Cain Arkay Lazarus
there's a tremor whose fingers slide up my sternum when i'm with you
my heart stumbles in my cracked chest
out of the corner of my eye i see you swaying on saltwater sound
filling my lungs and stinging your throat with the dryness of almonds
the chord crests
you slip out of sight and i am seasick

there's a tremor whose fingers slide up my sternum when i'm with you
my heart stumbles in my taut throat
your right hand caresses chalices with the ghost of a graze
your left hand haunts your hair, denoting the declination of your neck

there's a void whose fingers walk down my back when i'm without you
my heart falls into my empty stomach
i am walking away with widowed dreams deemed deadly
you are walking away

there's a void whose fingers walk down my back when i'm without you
my heart falls into the chasm of my chest
sleep slips from my hands long after your silence
 Dec 2014
Sabelo Gasa
I'm sitting here alone
On the edge of the huge stone
Can't believe you're already gone
Nothing better without your tone
I miss everything about you
I wish I could hold your hand once again
I didn't meant to hurt you
Hurting you has never been my duty
You were everything I had
We enjoyed every peace of moment we had together

Our hearts were connected
You were the only girl who
Had a Love I needed
I felt my true self around you
Found Myself doing crazy stuff
You were like"oh my mizzy" and gives me a baby kiss
That the moment I held your hands
Hug you tight and, and lifts you up
It's felt awesome ,you somehow liked it.
People around us were all against us
They didn't recognized our future as bright
But i always saw brightest light
For our precious future
We had too many dreams
We wanted to fulfill
It all shaded away in a matter of seconds

I sometimes refer Love as a tree
A tree which grow in a very sensetive place
"A heart"
When it grows larger it's roots are being
Circulated all over the place
When someone removes it
It's roots left behind
Its than intend to live in your heart forever
Thats how painful love can be

We drafted a novel
Its failed throgh the power of evil
We needed a fuel
Happiness was our aim
It all down the drain
It no longer on our vain
I wanted it to remain
Forever on our empty hearts
I don't know why I'm doing this
My feelings led me to this
I was making mistakes
You never let it got to your
You were pretending like
Nothing happened
You never held grudges for me
Our Love was like ever
Floating river
Made of silver
Its felt great, ever
I wanted it to lasts forever

No other One could give me the genuine love like yours
You remain the best ex girlfriend
I can write bunch of pages
There plenty of images
Running through my mind  
The sweet memories we had
How could I ever flash them
On my mind
This is somehow an ever floating Love
I wish you all the best on
Your life journey
You'll always be good to me.
this is what I wrote for my ex gf I can't get over her
 Jan 2014
Cain Arkay Lazarus
She sees a friend
I pray for more
And in her hands
Her cold cross cuts
Her gift to me
Her faith that guides
And in her hands
Her cold cross cuts
Our hands connect
Hers cool, mine fire
And in our hands
Her cold cross cuts
Her eyes on mine
I stammer thanks
And in our hands
Her cold cross cuts
She walks away
Into the night
And in my hands
Her cold cross cuts
 Aug 2013
Cain Arkay Lazarus
You don't realize how important someone is
Until you can never hear his smile again
Until you can reach through the space he has left
In your chest
That emptiness
That's where he was
That's what you're missing
You don't understand how much you love someone
Until you can't tell him anymore
Until no matter how loudly you scream it
He just won't hear you
For tonight and tomorrow and forever
He sleeps peacefully
While you toss and turn in tears
For Collin
 Jul 2012
Jasmine Blick
"Hatter! Hatter"
Alice repeatedly scream
"My dear Hatter why have you left me?"

Confused and scared
Unaware of where she may be
Alice runs down the twisting white halls

Her voice echos
Along with the ticking clocks
Then suddenly.... they stop
She skids to a stop falling to the floor
"Hater, what's happening?
Why have you left me?"

She jumps to her feet and dusts herself off
Looking every which way
Then a noise she hears
Foot steps, running towards dear Alice

Loaded with fear as her body grows suddenly cold
Alice runs the other way
Hoping to get away
The steps get closer as she waits for the ticking clocks

The light of the halls fades to the dark of the night
She sees a large clock to her left
Reading 12 o' clock
Thinking not she runs threw the road
Empty in the night

There's a screech
And a thud as Alice hits the ground
 Jul 2012
Jasmine Blick
My head is a daze
Everything seems like a haze

"Alice! Alice!
Is your name Alice?!"

An unformilar voice calls
"You had a terrible fall
Can you hear me Alice?
Where's your hatter Alice?"

I finally see the man questioning me
"Who must you be?"
I ask reluctantly
"I'm your White Rabbit I've been waiting patiently"

"Where's the hatter?"
I ask thinking something must be the matter

"I haven't a clue..
I thought I'd ask you
Here come with me
I'm sure he'll be here shortly"

My head was pounding
And now the world was spinning

I rose to my feet
It was then our eyes were to meet

"I remember" I mumble
To my horned hatter Paizles:)
 Jul 2012
Jasmine Blick
The Hatter walked down the street
He was in search of Alice unaware who she'd meet

He'd lost her a few hours back
It was this time he regretting having to lack

They could've been to Wonderland by now
With some kind of talking cow

The Hatter looked left and right
But Alice just wasn't with in sight

He pondered on how he had lost her
But it seemed all a blur

They had been running for hours it seemed
It was still nothing like they'd dreamed

They sat down to rest up
Then these red cards showed up

The Hatter awoke to screams in his ears
And the ear shattering tears

"Release my Alice" he said with an invisible tear
"It'll be okay dear"

The Hatter pulled something from his jacket
It was a platinum hatchet

Striking the red and white blurs
Something agitated his nerves

He turned to be strikes in the head
There the cards figured he'd been dead

Now he's here wondering these busy streets
Worrying about Alice hoping she escaped the dead beets

Then a familiar car he saw...
"ALICE!?!?" He screams in aww
 Jul 2012
Jasmine Blick
The hatter with horns
Made his dear Alice a promise
"Wonderland my dear
We'll take you there
You'll never have another fear"

He pulled his Alice close
"Come on dear just run
To the rabbit hole you know?
No papers
And no signatures
Just grab my hand and I'll guide the way"

"I doubt a little trip
Down a rabbit hole will cure me
Of all the pain she left me.."
I disagree with my simple friend

Tick tock, tick. tock.
Tick..tock.., tick...tock...
The clocks around so Then suddenly stop
As the hatter bows his head
And all the lights slowly dim

"Its so simple Alice my dear
Take this hand I hold out toward you
Grip it tight and never let go
We'll run till we see Whitey
Climb in his cab and he'll drive us the rest of the way

With a few conditions of course
'No Food Or Drink
No Dying
No Puking
No Nothing Else'

Once we get to the Rabbit hole
Hold to me tight
We'll fall quite a ways

But just remember
In Wonderland everything is nonsense
I will protect you there

My dear Alice
All the pain will go away
Now quick make a decision
Pain or carefree"

"But won't she hate me?
If I'm gone they'll miss right?
What if they forget me?"
The clocks start ticking again
Tick....tock...., tick...tock...
Tick..tock.., tick.tock.

"Time is ticking Alice
Our 15 seconds are up Its now or never"
The hatter bows with his hand stretched out

"Yes!" I whisper
Reaching for his hand
With a quick spin he whispers into my ear
"Run dear...ready?
I need help fixing this.....
 Jul 2012
Jasmine Blick
With her Father dead and gone
Its Daughter Time that brings the dawn

Like a clock she will always be
With each sword a hand you see

Telling us what is next to happen
If only we were to listen

She's got a heart of gold
But with no money will she be sold

She seems nice and sweet
And trust me her friendship is in deed a treat

However, betraying her may be deadly
But don't worry she'll **** you steadily

She does love to laugh
If only someone could bypass her hurting half

Its seems her hourglass has shattered
Leaving mounds if sand scattered

While her clock keeps ticking
Her hourglass keeps spilling

So she paints on her eyeliner thicker then ever
And continues to flip-flop time over and over

If someone could fix her
Time would be full of less torture

Who would dare
To try and fix the girl who seemed to never care?

She called for a small few
To be at her door at a quarter to 2

I know she doesn't expect it to be quick
So who will she pick?

I don't know for sure
But I do know they hold her cure

Now she drops her swords and opens these large doors
Her decision has been made as her choices walk these shiny floors

"You!" She says
As everyone bows their heads

"Me?" I answer questioning her decision
"No question

Your it, your perfect to fix me"
Oh how I wish I knew what she may see

"Oh Daughter Time I hope to please the
I do hope to fix you, you see"

So as you once again close the doors
Only you and I are in your walls walking these cold floors

"I promise to never say good bye
And I'll always look you in the eye"

I say taking her gentle hand
'I'll make sure your walls always stand"

So here we will forever sit
And I will fix you stitch by stitch

Thank you Daughter Time
For allowing me to make such a rhyme <3
From Chelsea ....I love you my dearest daughter<3
 Feb 2012
Cain Arkay Lazarus
It gets better
he said soothingly
And he wasn't the first to say it
nor-I think-will he be the last
but it was the first time
I believed it if only for a moment
Take your time, he assured me
And in a world of
rush rush rush
Those words alone made sense to me
and as we stood and smiled I felt hope flicker to life
at least for a moment
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