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May 2012
"Hatter! Hatter"
Alice repeatedly scream
"My dear Hatter why have you left me?"

Confused and scared
Unaware of where she may be
Alice runs down the twisting white halls

Her voice echos
Along with the ticking clocks
Then suddenly.... they stop
She skids to a stop falling to the floor
"Hater, what's happening?
Why have you left me?"

She jumps to her feet and dusts herself off
Looking every which way
Then a noise she hears
Foot steps, running towards dear Alice

Loaded with fear as her body grows suddenly cold
Alice runs the other way
Hoping to get away
The steps get closer as she waits for the ticking clocks

The light of the halls fades to the dark of the night
She sees a large clock to her left
Reading 12 o' clock
Thinking not she runs threw the road
Empty in the night

There's a screech
And a thud as Alice hits the ground
Jasmine Blick
Written by
Jasmine Blick
   Jasmine Blick
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