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May 2012
The Hatter walked down the street
He was in search of Alice unaware who she'd meet

He'd lost her a few hours back
It was this time he regretting having to lack

They could've been to Wonderland by now
With some kind of talking cow

The Hatter looked left and right
But Alice just wasn't with in sight

He pondered on how he had lost her
But it seemed all a blur

They had been running for hours it seemed
It was still nothing like they'd dreamed

They sat down to rest up
Then these red cards showed up

The Hatter awoke to screams in his ears
And the ear shattering tears

"Release my Alice" he said with an invisible tear
"It'll be okay dear"

The Hatter pulled something from his jacket
It was a platinum hatchet

Striking the red and white blurs
Something agitated his nerves

He turned to be strikes in the head
There the cards figured he'd been dead

Now he's here wondering these busy streets
Worrying about Alice hoping she escaped the dead beets

Then a familiar car he saw...
"ALICE!?!?" He screams in aww
Jasmine Blick
Written by
Jasmine Blick
   Jasmine Blick
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