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May 2012
My head is a daze
Everything seems like a haze

"Alice! Alice!
Is your name Alice?!"

An unformilar voice calls
"You had a terrible fall
Can you hear me Alice?
Where's your hatter Alice?"

I finally see the man questioning me
"Who must you be?"
I ask reluctantly
"I'm your White Rabbit I've been waiting patiently"

"Where's the hatter?"
I ask thinking something must be the matter

"I haven't a clue..
I thought I'd ask you
Here come with me
I'm sure he'll be here shortly"

My head was pounding
And now the world was spinning

I rose to my feet
It was then our eyes were to meet

"I remember" I mumble
To my horned hatter Paizles:)
Jasmine Blick
Written by
Jasmine Blick
   Jasmine Blick
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