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Apr 2012
The hatter with horns
Made his dear Alice a promise
"Wonderland my dear
We'll take you there
You'll never have another fear"

He pulled his Alice close
"Come on dear just run
To the rabbit hole you know?
No papers
And no signatures
Just grab my hand and I'll guide the way"

"I doubt a little trip
Down a rabbit hole will cure me
Of all the pain she left me.."
I disagree with my simple friend

Tick tock, tick. tock.
Tick..tock.., tick...tock...
The clocks around so Then suddenly stop
As the hatter bows his head
And all the lights slowly dim

"Its so simple Alice my dear
Take this hand I hold out toward you
Grip it tight and never let go
We'll run till we see Whitey
Climb in his cab and he'll drive us the rest of the way

With a few conditions of course
'No Food Or Drink
No Dying
No Puking
No Nothing Else'

Once we get to the Rabbit hole
Hold to me tight
We'll fall quite a ways

But just remember
In Wonderland everything is nonsense
I will protect you there

My dear Alice
All the pain will go away
Now quick make a decision
Pain or carefree"

"But won't she hate me?
If I'm gone they'll miss right?
What if they forget me?"
The clocks start ticking again
Tick....tock...., tick...tock...
Tick..tock.., tick.tock.

"Time is ticking Alice
Our 15 seconds are up Its now or never"
The hatter bows with his hand stretched out

"Yes!" I whisper
Reaching for his hand
With a quick spin he whispers into my ear
"Run dear...ready?
I need help fixing this.....
Jasmine Blick
Written by
Jasmine Blick
   Jasmine Blick
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