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May 2012
With her Father dead and gone
Its Daughter Time that brings the dawn

Like a clock she will always be
With each sword a hand you see

Telling us what is next to happen
If only we were to listen

She's got a heart of gold
But with no money will she be sold

She seems nice and sweet
And trust me her friendship is in deed a treat

However, betraying her may be deadly
But don't worry she'll **** you steadily

She does love to laugh
If only someone could bypass her hurting half

Its seems her hourglass has shattered
Leaving mounds if sand scattered

While her clock keeps ticking
Her hourglass keeps spilling

So she paints on her eyeliner thicker then ever
And continues to flip-flop time over and over

If someone could fix her
Time would be full of less torture

Who would dare
To try and fix the girl who seemed to never care?

She called for a small few
To be at her door at a quarter to 2

I know she doesn't expect it to be quick
So who will she pick?

I don't know for sure
But I do know they hold her cure

Now she drops her swords and opens these large doors
Her decision has been made as her choices walk these shiny floors

"You!" She says
As everyone bows their heads

"Me?" I answer questioning her decision
"No question

Your it, your perfect to fix me"
Oh how I wish I knew what she may see

"Oh Daughter Time I hope to please the
I do hope to fix you, you see"

So as you once again close the doors
Only you and I are in your walls walking these cold floors

"I promise to never say good bye
And I'll always look you in the eye"

I say taking her gentle hand
'I'll make sure your walls always stand"

So here we will forever sit
And I will fix you stitch by stitch

Thank you Daughter Time
For allowing me to make such a rhyme <3
From Chelsea ....I love you my dearest daughter<3
Jasmine Blick
Written by
Jasmine Blick
   Jasmine Blick
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