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 Dec 2011
Holly Anderson
God, he was so beautiful.
His smile would light up the sky,
His eyes sparkling like water.

Until the smile faded,
Happiness traded for worry.
The shine in his eyes became teary.

And to see him lying there,
a victim of his own demise.
His own monsters, the demons inside.

Is this what was meant to be?
What he used to have, who he was,
Traded for this,
This ******* cruel irony.
 Dec 2011
Holly Anderson
The bruises.
When his father came home late.
The scars.
When Daddy had one too many beers.
The tears.
When his mother left him alone.
The hope.
When he thought she might come back.
The fear.
When the blood wouldn't stop.
The muses.
When his pain found an outlet.
The songs.
When crying wasn't enough.
The music.
When he hit rock bottom.
The silence.**
When the hit was too hard.
 Jan 2011
Orion Schwalm
Will what's worth way out there

Find me..?

Or will I find nothing ever to fill the within
You have the nails the hammers the boards the posters the pins
To take this town to the ends of earth and back again
Never feel what I feel, it makes no sense
Never learn what I have learnt, for shallow waters full of
Come and go with the tide and the common like the wind in the autumn
Never feel my words, we're in

Tents broken from the inside that **** looks like shelter but you'll find

                                                                                     Dents in
And cars
And trees
And faces
And ribs
And women and men and maybe me if you look harder than a machine would.

Because in the end, the nature of the being
Is beastly.
Wow. I never thought I could wish so much for another being to be happy with and in themselves.
And you know the giveth taketh rule?
I'll giveth
If you taketh to flight.
Don't look anywhere

Get of the ground. Go.

You know where I'll be.

Right behind you.
Dedicated to Camille Frick.
 Jan 2011
Orion Schwalm
There's are many spaces in a world,
One can only hope
To find more of them beautiful
Than not.
There's a space between your
And my eyes
tried to traverse
Voyage, to journey through
And your

And I felt like
Maybe making something...for you
Or out of you, or...with you
But then
We both closed our eyes.
And when i opened them
You were far
And I didn't know
Dedicated to Kali Hardwick.
 Jan 2011
Allen Smuckler
Check for updates and
look beyond what is real.
Discover those alone
in thought and
the unimaginable.
Check for updates while
above the heights
of tomorrow and
the unbelievable,
the impossible.
Check for updates but
process the
unexplainable and
outside the limits.
and become
what was never
We must always be
the keepers of the keys,
and remember to
check for updates…
January 14, 2011
 Jan 2011
Isobel G
I think the reason,
I don't fight anymore,
Is because every time I did,
They told me to give in,
And somewhere along the way,
I listened
©Nicola-Isobel H.     05.01.2011
 Jan 2011
Isobel G
You say simplicity is a choice,
Always, constantly,
But not for me,
Whose bruised and broken limbs,
Are tightly bound,
In chains of obligation and promises,
In ropes of rules and restrictions,
Unbreakable bonds,
Keeping me from freedom,
Simplicity is not a choice,
It was, long ago,
Before I realised the path I was headed,
But now my options few,
Simplicity far away,
Death is my only hope
©Nicola-Isobel H.     02.01.2011
 Jan 2011
Isobel G
To an uncle,
My oldest, most loving,
Who held my tender heart,
Dear in his hands,
With skin like the leather binding,
Of his old, worn books,

His words of wisdom,
Shine through his humour,
Like the broken colour of a painting,

I will remember,
His st-stutter, his stammering,
His clover and fresh grass scent,
And the fire in his old brown eyes,
When he is gone,
I know he will be gone soon,

Dearest Uncle Peter...
Peter like the rabbit,
Like rabbits he hunted,
Peter and his cabbages,

My Old Peter grew the best ones,
With Sam by his side,
Sam who drank his beer,
"Good dog, Sam", Peter said,
He barely gets a word out now,
His voice rusty, unused,
Like the garden tools will be,
When Peter is gone
©Nicola-Isobel H.     29.12.2010

For my dearest Uncle Peter.
 Jan 2011
Isobel G
For a newer blue,
Of a different shade,
Warmer blue,
Like the summer-day's sky,
Gentler blue,
Like the backdrop of the moon,
Calmer blue,
Like the lapping waves of the ocean,
Caressing the lonely shore,
A charming, humourous blue,
A blue I haven't seen,
Brighter than any other, regardless
©Nicola-Isobel H.     30.12.2010

For Charles,
Whose eyes are also blue

— The End —