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 Jan 2019
Lily Barrett
“You have to move, get up.”
“I don’t want to.”
“This is sad you need to get over yourself.”
“I’m broken, and I don’t think I can be fixed.”
“Then fake it. Get up and put on a smile.”
“It hurts too much; I just want to cry.”
“No crying! It’s not worth it.”
“But I just can’t let go…”
“You have to move on. It’s the only way.”
“Please, all I want is five minutes to let it all out.”
“You’re pathetic. Fine. Five minutes.”
“Thank you,” said the heart.
“You’re welcome,” said the mind.
And the heart and mind cried together.
Just for five minutes.
LHB 2019
 Mar 2018
Crystal Freda
Each day
she brushes them back
but they return
and slowly begin to burn.

Flowing like ocean waves
they come back and forth.
Each tear drops in the ocean
and she tries to contain her emotion.

Pain never seems to dissipate.
She was always far away
from her lighthouse in the night
while she'd searched for a light.

She drowns in her overflowing tears
and waves her hands
for a sign of safety
but she's lost in the crying sea.
 Feb 2018
has passed
with our many
wishes for peace..
A preacher for
his times..
Times with steep
reliance and rejection
of belief:
reaching an eternal
goal at the end
of our time
in earthly sojourn ..

The times have changed
as many are standing awed
over a new recognition
of real identity
directly experienced
glimmering eternally
behind the shading clouds..
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