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 Aug 2018
Poetic Eagle
"Will love you until the end of forever"
Those were his words

Now I'm running to reach forever
Maybe he will be there
Just hoping the forever will be long enough to let me enjoy all his promises
Thanks for reading. People always lie to be there forever and some are too blind that they continue to hold on to something that will nolonger  exist.Forever cannot be reached let go
 Feb 2017
Poetic Eagle
Sorrow is my name
Poverty is also my name
So is pain and loneliness
Who really am l ???

How did l get here? Who put me into this world?
Do l have parents, relatives or background
Am l even human without an identity
Who really am l ?

I roam around the streets day and night
Bare footed sometimes with torn stockings stitched together
And heavily oiled legs
Hoping to find myself
Who am I??

Eating food from the trash
Was and is always my daily meal
I get arms from people daily
All of them calling me with the same words
Yet I don't know what they are saying
My question still stand
Who am I ??

The street kid is all l hear
Now I guess lm the one born to suffer
Born to be in pain
The unwanted one
Born and mothered by the streets

As long as I remember it's always been the streets and l
This is real, this is me
So here l am the illiterate son of the streets
I'm the **STREET KID
Let's work together and make this world a better place for all of us. Many r suffering with nothing to eat who r we to pretend not to hear their cries
 Jan 2017
Poetic Eagle
I waited for long
Only to realise in the darkest hour
that true HAPPINESS lies within
I couldn't wait anymore ,lm so sick and tired of idiots who come into my life only to ruin it. I know l can make myself happy

— The End —