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 Apr 2016
Hadrian Veska
I know nothing
But it doesn't know me
I'm trapped in a room
Waiting to be set free

There are no windows
Yet also no walls
I'd walk beyond it
But then I'd fall

There's but one door
And it's behind me
Yet when I turn around
There's nothing to see

I'm trapped in here
With no bars or chain
But if I stay long enough
There might be some gain
 Apr 2016
I was your drug.
A permanent addiction.
And you were my cast,
Never meant to last.
****** of
****** o
A little fun poem i just decided would be cool to type.
 Apr 2016
Maddii Lloyd
Pout click
Smile click
Stick tongue out click
Peace sign click

Argh, delete, *** was that ? Yuck, disgusting !

Curly hair click
Space buns click
Selfie with Bruno click
Trying to be tumblr click

No, no, no the dogs licking my nose, **** I forgot you have to be pretty to be tumblr ...

Smile again click
Tries, but slowly fading click
Puffy, watery eyes click
Tears falling from my eyes click

Why, no, not again ... Fine !!

-uploads picture-
feeling, (depressed, suicidal, anxious, unworthy, not needed) happy ! I am feeling happy ..
-not to add the fact I'm slowly dying inside ... - back spaces the last piece !

Fakes smile click
I guess they will never know what goes on behind closed doors or my eyes ....
Whatever it takes, to obscure and sedate.
To numb the mind and withdraw from the maze.
Poisoned with all we're taught,
Deep inside,
Our absent thoughts.
Our sober mind is masked by the stench of it.

Little blue,
Morphing you,
The morphine.
I was due.
The subtle numb that drags me away from it.

Anything to blur my gaze,
Paint new portraits of my tedious days.

Blurred and off, vision runs,
eyes are soft my heart is numb.
The touch of life has left me intolerant.

What does it take to obscure and sedate,
To leave behind,
Our mask's in the maze.

Send me to sleep.
 Apr 2016
on the inside,
he is insecure,
on the outside,
he is shy.

he is constantly feeling
like everything
is his fault.

he hated that he treated her
that he never told her
he loved her enough.

on the inside,
he hates himself,
on the outside,
he's too lonely.

he is always sorry,
for the small things,

he is too shy,
too far away,
too lost,
and he needs her.

behind his eyes,
are stories he will never speak of,
but thinks of,
every single night.

behind his eyes,
are memories too painful,
to speak of,
to anyone.

behind his eyes,
is pain,
pain that needs to be taken away,
because he deserves better.
To someone who never fails to make me smile everyday.

— The End —