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 May 2
Ibrahim Nebulae
sitting on that old bed
of this new friend of his
whether a flirting kiss
was worthwhile
for this lonely poet
trying to maintain
these crazy bits of hope
under his carpet of chaos
a confrontational moment
a silenced breath
before he finally
confirmed his fate
on this night of fate
to remain in love
with the shining moon
to send sunbeams
on an untitled letter
all that matters
is the latter
god is the only witness
in the language of love
that echoes from his heart
on this night of fate
once again
he realized his fate
that there was no other choice
besides being the guy
that totally loves her
to the core of the universe and back...
 Apr 28
Sa Weol May
I saw the moon,
At night,
I talked 'bout doom,
Someday I'll be right
in his eyes.

Almost perfect,
but no,
I'll strive to be the light,
and to fight
for what I need to be
that you want me to be.

And tonight,
I stare at the moon,
At night,
I told the moon,
Please whisper to his ears,
"She loves you from me and back."

 Apr 12
Red moon lingered touching waves on sea
moved in rhythm endlessly
she patrolled the empty rooms of sleep
needing something more to keep
I hid under the star jewelled sky
under citrus trees in blue dusk light
you hid in velvet caves at edge of night
as the wanton moon consumed the light.
The moon watched her every night.
She looked up and searched with her eyes.
He  was sure she was looking at him.
Even could hear her talking .
Talking in such a sweet voice
Told him she was lonely
if he had seen her love
That’s when he knew
He was falling in love
Falling in love with  big sad eyes.
Shy moon
hid behind the clouds.

Shell ✨🐚
The magic of the moon
 Apr 2
the bitter accompaniment
holds night in your heart
busted pieces of a soul
breathing.... still tender
reach for a dawn fearless and forgiving

self wrapped within self
sleeping with the edges
sharp yet dulled
by the cutting remorse of love

heart stumbles through heart
braced against a wind of your own creation
as you toss another desiccated dream to the side
you stare at the moon

in the depths of you
you find
that love
that loves only you
so you return
 Apr 2
When I feel loved
my mind goes straight to doves
they seem full of love

When they fly in two they are like
the sun and the moon
They work together better in
the warm weather

Then be apart in the sad untold cold
so as I looked in sky I was thinking
about seeing my dove one more time
Doves are such lovely birds the are a symbol of love and that is something that
I am feeling for someone very important to me. And she may not think that but she is And so is everyone who is reading this. YOU DO MATTER EVEN IF YOU DON'T THINK IT I DO AND I DON'T NEED TO EVEN KNOW!!! so find that love.
Evry woman is the 🌙

Evry 👨 is the Sun

Who is the Eternal One

Arent 🇺🇸 All

And if We are Eternal

Why is it that we Fall

So Listen Closely
Hear Me Still

We Are One
No need to Fear
Let Us Become One

Thru the many seasons

Thru the many years

             I 💘 U
 Mar 6
~Midnight. Heaven is
bathing, the window open.
Just a kiss away.

—Jane Miller, "American Odalisque", The Gift of Tongues

He, the moon, and I
written March 2nd, 2021

My love and I
look up at our night skies
during this midnight time we share

our eyes looking at
the same stars
in our heavens so far apart

the moon baths us
in its gentle light
embracing both of us

I am envious of the moon
touching my love
when I can not

so I ask the moon
to kiss him for me
lovers are we
he, the moon, and I.
This poem is a combination of truth, fiction, and imagination. Written while thinking about a friend far away.
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