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  May 2017 claire blyth
My heart is breaking,
The tears are streaming,
My breath is all but gone.

My body shakes,
The sweat takes place,
My tongue is all but dry.

My voice is cracked,
The words that spat,
My misery and despair.

My love you were,
The situation that was,
My forever is all but dead.
claire blyth Jul 2016
Summer breezes
Blowing by
Not freezing
But heating
The big blue sky
The clouds roll on
Past the bright sun

The Eagle flies by
And all the crows follow
Past the man in suit and tie
He's talking on his cellphone
Doesn't know what's going on

The badger and her cub
Buried deep in the burrow
Collects food to eat
Then goes back to hide
I went from high in th Sky to lower on the streets then to underneath the dirt
claire blyth Jun 2016
My insanity
Its trapped inside of me
I try to seem sane
But I know I'm insane
And my insanity
Is starting to spill out
Everyone goes insane sometimes
claire blyth Jun 2016
I sit all alone
And know one will sit with me
I m stuck in time
claire blyth Jun 2016
The deer flees the from the meadow
The shadows scaring him away
He will never know
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