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Christian Reid Oct 2014
We used to grow here
A sanctuary for our sacraments
We used to know here
A safety from our pain

We used to learn here
Insights from the Other Shore
We used to yearn here
Aching for more

We thought we could stay here
We thought we knew this place
We thought we were safe here
We thought that here we could find space

We lost the fire here
That used to light our day
We lost desire here and
Sought another way

We lost traditions
And friends we used to love
We lost a comfort
That used to be enough

We found a new path
Unfolding up ahead
We found a new place
To rest our weary head

We found a center
From which to radiate
We found a new way
Our thirst to satiate

We looked behind us and
Saw where we have come
We saw with each step
We never left our home

We journey on, yes, and
Maybe change our stance
We never leave, though, our
Home -- this endless dance
Christian Reid Oct 2014
broken glass a mind
ice sealing the wounded parts
melts away in spring
Christian Reid Oct 2014
Today - Now - Forever
I ~ I ~ I
Acknowledge Recognize and Align
The Flow - The Flux
The Way - The Tao
The Eternal Now
It flows through Me
I flow through It
Nothing is added or lost
in the Dance
I celebrate that
I co-create the Mystery
I let go to the Flow
and know that
I am where I'm supposed to be
Christian Reid Oct 2014
I have fallen asleep in your dark waters
And lifted the heavy meniscus thereof
I have been cut off from identity
And returned with your love

My eyes have rolled like floating maraschinos
Aimlessly drawn to the vacant potential
Out of the pool of scattered images
The puppet master culled

Stories written by grey neurological
Fibers assembled appearance of array
Fastening to muscular reflexes
That danced to the display
Christian Reid Oct 2014
Deconstruction has begun
The terror of becoming
Grows into hysteria
And eventually
Darkly taking solace
in Comedy
As the puppet master
Chisels lines into your face

Forgetting who you
Used to be
Yielding to chaos
Christian Reid Oct 2014
Crusts creak and groan
Before seismic tides
Crack them like a coconut
Bubbling up from broken barriers
the Source overflows
Magically mingling
What was once cut off
Enriching and nourishing
The deepest depths
Exchange enticing
Cataclysmic creation
Definition now destroyed
Only Potential remains
Christian Reid Oct 2014
Inhabiting the space between
Chaos and harmony

Entering the warmth of
Scarlet rivers

Indulging in verdant

Soft lips of
Salt and honey
Meet mine

Haplessly embracing
A plate of cheese
And wine
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