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Chloé Jan 2015
I gave my all to you
Can i get a part of you in return?
To keep my dreams a life
Chloé Jan 2015
three words you were maybe to afraid to say
or am i too foolish to see it clear
This poem is a lie
i'm about to cry
settle upon this guy
and come to see it was all a lie
why couldn't i see
it wasn't meant to be
i saw the signs
and i ignored them
and instead i tried.
just like i'm probably
going to ignore this too.
  Jan 2015 Chloé
Raymond George Dias
You were conjuringly special to me,
i convinced my vehemently skeptical gut that,
you felt the same way about me.
quite unnaturally/naturally, i was dolorously mistaken.

Turned out, i was just another
To You.
Chloé Jan 2015
maybe the secret to their love was that they didn't know they were in love
Chloé Jan 2015
maybe there was no time left
maybe thats just the excuse
maybe he loved her
maybe even as much as she loved him
maybe hope was all they got
maybe ..
one day ..
maybe one day !
Chloé Jan 2015
he wasn't my type, no
he said things i didn't want to hear, yes
he was everything i ever wanted, yes
he was everything i was afraid to lose ..
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