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  Apr 2014 cheyenne skye
Jillyan Adams
it will be a very long time
before i stop thinking of your lips
every time
i hear the word
  Apr 2014 cheyenne skye
Ruth Forberg
"Don't leave out the graphic details."
Oh, trust me. I won't.
The gruesome, disturbing, intimacies.
The bone-chilling, hair-raising fragments.
It's almost too much to bear.
But not quite.
This vulgarity is just enough to keep them on the edge of their seats.
Every tiny, twisted moral of the story.
In between the cracks, find shining slivers of redemption.
Only to immediately cover them up with rotten deception.
Good, ***** flair. Scummy additions. Sick annotations.
Keep the masses rollin' in.
Complexity, concentration, then chaos when they want more fear.
The blood-curdling, stomach-churning truths.
The disgraceful, distasteful deductions.
We've come to the conclusion they crave this coagulation of ****.
Dark disdain eating away at the corpse of wellness.
Vermin, pests, gnawing, slobbering.
Choking on the bones of prosperity.
The decomposition of this life is what they love.
Flies, gnats, swarm. Maggots clump.
Crack, rip, slurp, gag, choke, ******* die.
cheyenne skye Apr 2014
your touch was like razor blades,
but your kiss was like morphine

& i needed you.
he ruined me.
cheyenne skye Apr 2014
no matter how big your house is,
how expensive your car is,
or how much money you have in
the bank,
   our graves will all be six feet deep,
and three feet wide,
  with a pretty old face trapped inside.
cheyenne skye Apr 2014
rules are made to be broken,
and lines are drawn to be crossed,
but hearts were not made to be shattered

so please tell me,
why did you do it?

— The End —