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Jun 2019
i am fine
we were walking back
hearing all your worries, taking a second everytime you move your lips with an answer
you were worried about a boy carrying all his scars and delivering them to you
i was there, you dont have to retell
i stopped and took all my courage
maybe i could give mine too
you looked at me clueless
okay, you say
you proceed like you never heard me

all my life ive been told i wasnt important
that my problems are mine to keep
and hush now, the world isnt ready for that yet
how selfish am i to even speak of it
am i not satisfied with whats given to me?
do i really have to be that loud
c'mon, there are many out there that actually have their life on the line

why the **** are you crying?
your eyes told me that
and i never knew that a stare could deliver a message as loud as that
you add:
sorry, i just forgot that today is the day you die
that today you're pathetic enough to think that you need help
that today is the day you think its necessary for you to be selfish
because thats what you are

and im sorry you think im not worth it
i swear im trying to be
and with all your reasons you chose not to look at me
you just handed me a ten-month notice
and im sorry i forgot what day it is
why do i choose all the wrong people every ******* time

Also, pls dont tell them
cherry blossom
Written by
cherry blossom  19/Philippines
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