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Carrie B Oct 2014
Must escape from
this information saturation
craving Facebook likes
to receive some affirmation
connect to Mother Nature
and watch the

Feet, heartbeat, breath, thoughts
are all in synch, during a walk.

Leaves and dappled sunshine
flourish then quietly die
Birds ride air currents
soar across the sky.

Little sound around
but the crunch of gravel
under rhythmic boots
forest loneliness a marvel.

Connection to the earth
ground beneath feet
you move upon
it moves beneath.
Carrie B Aug 2014
Dilapidated buildings
suburban decay
so the passers-by say

Scores of families
found a calmer existence
escaped the ever-present roar
and maintained their distance

But your faded grandeur
can even now be found
your overgrown majesty
still stands its ground

And while your location
has become unsuitable
it was your sudden abandonment
that made you so beautiful

— The End —