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Cara May Oct 2018
I'm paralysed on a field of wilted roses and sunflowers.
weeping.. on the cold ground.
Have you painted my skies winter solstice.
merciless and intentionally..

I'm drowning,
gasping for air, I'm cold...
When you got played so hard by the one you loved... turns out i'm just a toy he played when he's bored.
Cara May Jun 2018
One month and a half
my heart was aching
but i'm watering my soul
so it turns from black to yellow.

One month and a half
I swallowed your black pills
you gave me when you walked away
and i'm a few pills away to recovering.

One month and a half
our minds and souls were disconnected
and the flame in heart was fading
when you knocked on my door one night
begging, kissing me with the word "I still loved you"
a hundred times.
Well love is ****** up. He came back I don't know why.
Cara May May 2018
Goodbye was your body
long gone before your love.
Goodbye was your voice
love, and words.
Swift as the wind,
excruciating as the sun flaring my skin...
Your ghost stayed,
lingering in my mind, and heart.
Pinching my heart,
every single day.
Unfair, it hurts.
break up *****.
Cara May Apr 2018
my heart pacing in steady states,
beating the same as the days
we were strangers
when we were unison
in status
but not in mind, heart and soul.
  Apr 2018 Cara May
We may be sad
We may be messy
We may be crazy
But the best thing about the human race
Is our ability to hope
For without hope we have no life
No beginning
For without that little piece of hope
We would not be human
And to be human
Is beautiful thing
Just a little thing I came up with
Cara May Feb 2018
This longing is toxicating
I’m high of emotions
Bad ones, sad, anger
I long for that soft touch
Of your hands on my skin
And your velvet voice to whisper
On my ears
I long to know you
Your skin, hair and lips.
I want to hold you.
missing someone hurts so much
Cara May Dec 2017
As days passed by
kissing death seems like a great escape
as my soul is too weary to carry on
too lonely to live.
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