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  Jan 2015 Melanie
i finally learned to love myself, but everyone else forgot
  Dec 2014 Melanie
Devon Webb
We are critical.

We find flaws in
everything we see
because nobody
wants to write
about perfection,
even though sometimes
we wish we could just stay
staring into that
unblemished surface.

2. We are never satisfied.

We live our lives upon
mountains of
scrunched up
bits of refill and
ideas we gave up
trying to

3. We never forget.

We write words about
eye contact made
three months ago
that we replay over
and over in our minds
even though it
being relevant.

4. We are fickle.**

Our emotions flash
from one
to the other
like strobe lighting that
disorientates us
until we feel as if
the world
will never be still.

5. We are exposed.

We don't know how
to keep our feelings
to ourselves so
we'll write them
down for
you to find

6. We are vulnerable.

We wear our
hearts on our sleeves
and won't lift a
muscle to fight back
if somebody tries
to break it
because we thrive
from the pain.

7. We will never stop.

We will never stop
feeling and
we will never stop
we will never stop
breaking and
bleeding and
even though the cycle
is endless
and we know what's
coming next.

We are addicted
to agony,
but we agonise
for the art.
It's worth it though.
  Dec 2014 Melanie
Michelle Garcia
i have always existed as a jigsaw puzzle
with one last missing piece
and i have become weary of always
feeling the hollow ache inside of me,
no matter how hard i tried to fill it in
with counterfeit promises and infinite chances

but i have searched for love
in his voice and in the blurry moments
we spent together with his head thrown back
in genuine laughter, and how i thought that his hands
were the only things
that could hold me together,
when everything left in the world
could not

i thought i had finally found love
in the form of blind indecision
but now, you aren’t even here to hold me together,
you aren’t here to fill up the spaces inside
where nothing exists,
you made the emptiness
feel so much bigger

and I wonder,

a pair of lips locked together
without magnetism,
is it still true love
or just a
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