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Let us REJOICE in love of the Spirit
As we see others hearts being confronted by His grace from above

REJOICE with the angels
They have noted the repentance
Of the returning sinner
They expect his lifelong perserverence of their joy to be premature
As the convert is a beginner
He is and will be forever their fellow servant.
They look one day to bear him home to glory
Remind our brother
There may be times of weak spite
The evil angels make us groan
Give prayer then the joy of good
Angels will bring forth our desire
To sing in harmony with their delight

REJOICE with The Lord Jesus
For His joy is equivalent to the cost of their redemption
Jesus gives His love with unending
Boundary without petition

REJOICE, in turn we must
With others who convert too
Bringing us closer to being like
Jesus, The One, who saved
Both me and you
Inspired by a Spurgeon sermon
REJOICE with them that do REJOICE.
Romans 12:15
 May 2017 brandon nagley
Sometimes lazy
My little daisy
In blue

Life hazy
My heart still crazy
For you
 May 2017 brandon nagley
I took my chopped
and plucked wings,
coloured black,
off the shelf
I do so hope super glue holds them
as I can't,
and they're
I'm sorry. I'm in a break. I'm a drunk and I'm trying to help myself. Everything else I do, or don't do, is so public. Why should this not be? Stells surgery went well. Thank you all so very much for your prayers and kind words. I love you all. Really.
Words are now
as if
I never wrote

gather as an aching
lump in my throat.

They don't seek paper
only a river
to pour and mingle
in refrains of a dumb sadness
flow away
sunburned and tidewashed
to where the river is widest
deepest with sighs
of life not enough
in once only
and when just begun
ending broken on the shore.
 Apr 2017 brandon nagley
When I look over
my shoulder
all I see is a star
shining through
a dark hole
and hear a strange sound
like wind crying out
through the trees
or the creaking
of limbs
a dark shape
passing over the moon
like an omen
of a mad woman
I once knew
a ghost ship
spreading her legs
like a cross
arms reaching out
her name lost
to my memory
something that sounds
much like my doom.
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