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Donny Shaun Victor Elliott
Big up Trinidad and Tobago too My roots in Bago bush and I know it's true Big up England where I first touch land British ...
Wattpad writer and poet. Write different poems about different things in my spare time. Wattpad- oscitant_writer
Mark Tilford
Louisville ky    Thinking - always
Young and Wild
15/F/North Carolina    Everyone has their own story, Everyone has their own journey. No one can tell your story, so tell it yourself. No one can write your ...
U.A.E    Poems by Kaya S (Kavyaa Suryaa).
B Yeung
Scotland    Copyright ©
Caroline Ward
23/F    An assortment of my thoughts
Kayotic Tragedy
20/F/Hell frozen over    Fuck off. Sincerely, The Kayotic Tragedy
Saul Makabim
What does it matter...
I wrote 2301 verses here. Moved to my own website since then. Adios!
Raquel E
F/New York, NY   
Dave Williams
Johannesburg    ramblings of a guy who thinks too much
Lee Morrison
Scotland    Just using this as my outlet.
Jamie Richardson
Kent    Inveterate Poet
USA    A poet in old age that calls me daily to write.
Home    Excelsior------- Personality type: INTJ...... My poems are mostly narratives, ballads, philosophical and sometimes romantic Message me for a sincere comment and i will be at ...
Sonja Benskin Mesher
I write, I draw, I paint and make things. am quite patient, hold my tongue, but can't say multi disciplinary. easily
Ola Radka
19/F/North America    Always curious.
Nothing ever ends poetically. It ends and we turn it into poetry. All that blood was never once beautiful. It was just red.
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