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Av Dec 2020
The end of an era is just the beginning
Av Dec 2020
Packing up the memories to the corner of my mind
where they will collect dust until I decide
I am ready to unpack the thought of
you no longer by my side.
Av Dec 2020
I long to update you on all the things
that I have been up to recently.

But I know that our memories
belong to the past
and that we were never
meant to last.

So I just update my status
to "single" and hope that
it makes you want me more.
Av Dec 2019
The wind blows
Away many things
And tears people apart.
Don’t let it
Take you away as well,
Be stronger.
Av Dec 2019
The lion is
Fierce but the
Lioness is
So much more.
Av Dec 2019
How do you feel
When your makeup is
Do you like
Your reflection?
Av Dec 2019
A powerful woman
Is one that
Doesn’t need a man
To take her
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