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Avery Langcaster Dec 2014
I'm afraid to speak my mind
because I'm afraid I'll offend
So I keep it all inside
Control the message that I send

They say not to hoard feelings
but don't you dare disagree
Because no answer is wrong
unless it contradicts me
Avery Langcaster Dec 2014
I'm slowly, silently dying.
No one knows. No one cares.
The selfish part of me
Wants to be the one
To save you
But I know
That's not the way
I can't light up all your shadows
Because sometimes
Darkness traps me too
  Nov 2014 Avery Langcaster
if i drowned
in my own tears,
would it be
because they were mine,
because you caused them?
Avery Langcaster Nov 2014
You are a diamond.
Don't sell yourself as silicon.
Avery Langcaster Nov 2014
I've missed you with a never ending sorrow, because the moments without you are like flowers with no color.
Still alive, yes, but the beauty has been stripped away.
You are the color to my world.  
With you, there is beauty.
Avery Langcaster Nov 2014
Genuine smiles no longer come easy.
I've been robbed of my light.
Something must be wrong with me.
The lines have blurred of what's right.

Things that once would have brought joy, I now look at with disdain.
This pessimistic heart of mine has grown more through the pain.

My parents aren't my heroes that come and save the day.
I've come to long for times when I can get away.

I just want to go home, though I don't know where that is.
The childlike perspective on life is what I really miss.
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