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medha Sep 2018
when you get
over someone
with time
you see clearly
why that lover
was better left
as a memory.
medha Sep 2018
it is an
to remain soft
in this world
to absorb
to feel
to bend
but never break.
medha Aug 2018
to the women who
dance in the rain
who aren't afraid to
carry on through
doubt and despair
your existence
is necessary.
medha Aug 2018
there is no such thing
as a right partner
you must first
learn to embody
your truth
you must first
become the
right partner so
that the right partner
can find you.
medha Aug 2018
when they ask you to
write more happy poems
tell them about the sorrow
tell them how it is the
only thing that keeps
your pen going.
medha Jul 2018
your body
is not a debt
to be paid
it is a home
for your soul
a safe space
for the softeness
in your bones
it's a miracle
of its own.
medha Jul 2018
if you
find yourself
constantly trying
to translate your soul's
language for them
they're not the
one for you.
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