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Anna Nov 2015
I want to take back everything
I've ever said to you.

I don't want you to know
anything about me anymore.
Anna Nov 2015
You said you're not cut out for
a relationship.
But kissed the broken skin on my thighs
and made me feel something for once.

You said you get attached to all the wrong people.
But went silent
when I said that I do too.

I don't know what I want us to be.
I don't know of we'll ever be more
than this.

I just know that this
isn't working.

You made me very happy
and very sad
and this isn't healthy.
Im stupid
  Nov 2015 Anna
The next time you touch my thigh
Remind yourself that it's only a taste
The breast, ankle and lamp shade eyelids
are breakfast if you want them to be
I could kiss the romance of other women out of your mouth if you want me to
Milk bones, quail fingers and brown coating
are lunch if you want them to be
I could replace your spine with a magnolia tree but only if you want me to
Roasted brown eyes, ocean deep belly button and wheat *******
Afternoon anatomy
The taste often ruins the feast
  Nov 2015 Anna
Jordan Frances
Dear Queen Jezebel,
Your name has fallen through the thickets of white male history
But I think you are painted unfairly.
For you were a strong female character
In a time when they were frowned upon.
No man would tell you what to do
You held power in your strong wrists
In your condescending smile
In your waterfall hips.
You were brutal
But you you showed the world that you would not be messed with
You were not merely valuable for your ***
For your ability to pop out children.
You were revolutionary
You installed fear in the men who did everything they could
To cut you to pieces.
Maybe we are not too different
As my ex-boyfriend repeatedly told me to shut my feminist mouth
And have *** with him.
History repeatedly ****** you
Paints you as a *** symbol
Rather than a strategic businesswoman and monarch.
You knew what you were doing
And I follow your lead
They will never love us
We, Jezebel, are for them to make pets out of
We are here to show them
How the mighty
Have fallen.
  Oct 2015 Anna
whenever i hear your voice
or that name of yours
my insides cramp,
and i find myself lighting another menthol cigarette,
once again realizing that it’s much sweeter than you ever were
I tried a little bit harder on this one
  Oct 2015 Anna
I woke up at six
Feeling nauseous and sick
Didn't like moving
As if the bed is embracing

But I had to rise
To cook food and eat rice
Prep for work and revitalize
Practice smiling and be nice

Wake up little sunshine
Make your dream beam with lines
Get up and realize
The goal you have in mind
8am at the office.
Anna Oct 2015
I want you to always feel
like you do
when we're lying in your bed
at 3am,
naked and panting,
completely crazy about each other.

When you trace the outline of my ribs
with your fingertips,
wrap your arms around me,
and kiss my shoulder.

I said that I hate for people to see me naked,
so you pried the blankets away from me.
You kissed the parts of me I hate
the most
and called me beautiful.

I like your stupid puns
and your stupid white boy hair cut.
I like how you confide in me,
how you've made me feel comfortable enough
to confide in you.

I'm always waiting for something,
this mood swing to end,
for this day to be over.
When I'm with you, though,
I never want the night to end.
I've caught feelings for a stupid film studies major with a septum piercing.
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