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Anna Aug 2016
You stabbed me in the back
and are apologizing for messing up my shirt.
It doesn't change how much it hurts.
Anna Jan 2016
I've never wanted kids.
Who knew something
the size of a sesame seed
could change everything
so fast?
I'm actually a little excited to be a mom.
  Dec 2015 Anna
Erika Castaldo
Did she offend you?
Baring her shoulders, her collarbones, her knees,
How risqué of her.
Dressed for comfort in the 90 degree weather,
She was asking for it, right?

Did you not break her?
Make her scared to wear what she wants or walk alone.
But she deserved that, didn't she?

Are you sorry for hurting her?
After you used her, she tried to **** herself three times,
All because you couldn't control yourself.
Was her body so distracting that you took away
Her whole life?
Anna Dec 2015
"You're the kind of girl
that artists, poets, and musicians
have been obsessing over
since the beginning of man,"
he sighed and traced
the outline of my spine.

I'll laugh and agree,
reduce myself to
your fictional ideals
of a manic pixie dream girl,
if that'd make you want me.
Anna Dec 2015
If you don't want me around,
if you don't want to talk to me,
if you don't want to see me
when I'm not naked,
I'll find someone that does.

Just let me know,
for I hate wasting my time.
You're just stringing me alone but I have a date next week.
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