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  Aug 2015 Angelica C
Bobby Blues
So when you loose your second closest,
and that state goes briefly unnoticed:

Then why oh why?!

Is your name again spoken,
and yet again I become broken.
Angelica C Aug 2015
Oh this dark sky
So calm and bright
Never knew the secret of the night

Oh the stars
So pretty the sight
Even the moon has that beauty in the sky
I will never get enough of the sight above me

The places you´ll see
The places you’ll go
Imagination the engine to every goal

No limit by the stars
Only emptiness in my soul
That will be full with sight by me  

Jupiter and Mars just by the edge of everything
Can’t wait to see what is waiting for me
Angelica C Sep 2014
So wonderful
So powerful
Filled with love
Filled with good
Does what it’s right
Doesn’t fight
He created that beauty nature has
That beauty we all have
He’s always by our side
He waits for us when we aren’t close so him
My God is so wonderful
My God loves us all for equal
My God
What would we do without you?
Angelica C Apr 2014
What is love?
Is it a feeling that makes us happy?
Or is it something that makes other people happy?

Is it a person we can touch?
Or something far out of our reach?
Is it the struggle to make others happy?
Or is it self understanding?

Love can be the best thing in the world,
but it can also be the worst thing ever.
Do we even understand love?
Or we just merely begin to know it's true meaning?

Love is complex for us too understand
and too powerful for us to control.
It has a funny way of showing itself
and can be disappointing.
Soo...what is love?

But more importantly
What do you want from it?
  Apr 2014 Angelica C
I whisper the same words to all who pay attention
yet, to all, conveyed is a different image.

Restrained to the page I lie, free for interpretation
both depth and simplicity, words without age.

I am myself, but I am each who read me
The outlet of untold thoughts begging desperately

to be free.
I was just thinking about why I love words. To me, a poem can be shared by everyone everywhere because the unchanging words convey a different meaning to each of us. It touches us each in a different way that pertains to our lives.
Angelica C Mar 2014
I want to be a kid again.
With no worries or problems.
Playing hide and seak with your friends, watching Disney movies all day, pretending to be a princess.
With out having to worry about school or people judging you.
Not being afraid to show the real you.
Reading fairy tales and playing dress up.
I want to live does good old times again, I want to be a kid again.
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