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She was the epoch of beauty;
As her silken hair cascaded,
Over the slender form of her shoulders

She was the epitome of purity;
As her gentle whispers dispersed,
The darkness from within his soul

She was the personification of heaven;
As her endless love entwined both,
Drawing them blissfully ever-skyward

She was the relief of weightlessness;
As her soul helped bear his grief,
The burden of sorrowed life extinguished

She was the extremity of destruction;
As she drifted from his presence,
The truancy leaving his soul condemned

She was the essence of life;
As he felt it drift from reach,
Her auburn eyes, fading from memory.

She was.
How can one be so far away; yet, so indescribably close? Paenitentia's light fades slowly.
Angella Joves Jul 2015
My heart is filled
with spilled ink
with your name

I long for your entirety
just as how I long
to hold my past

You were like my past -
someone hard to forget
someone hard to understand
someone I love
and will always will
But someone I will not choose
Because love,
Today I choose myself

I won't abandon myself for you
Even if it means losing you
Past is a nice place to visit
But not a place to stay

Past is years ago
I live in the future now.
Angella Joves Jul 2015
My favorite fictional character, my antagonist
My protagonist, my happy pill, ,my "laters, baby"
My every book that I read all night, My morning thing,
My whole universe, My pushing pins,
My anger, My melancholia,
My every paradox and oxymoron, My metaphor
and simile - the every comparison to all beautiful things
My sadness that lingers beneath my shadow,
You are the disappoinment to my upcoming success,
You are the one that I have and I can't

And I have not written this to compliment
the love that we had

But to blurt out the things of how our love left me fragmented..
Angella Joves Jul 2015
I cannot fathom the correct words
To utterly describe the pain
I've felt the moment I started
to remember how you looked

How you vanished like the time
How we wished upon the stars
How we write whenever we fight
How we read because of our need
And how painful it is to remember
How you look..
How you still look at her,

And I - looking at you.
Thoughts of mine during my 1 am class. God, I didn't I was making it sad the moment the bell rang.
Angella Joves Jul 2015
One afternoon I started to follow you
Knowing your name is painted with a
Name of my favorite fictional TV series character
Your name is Adam, but I call you Jon

I like it that way
I never knew you materialize as someone
So extraordinary to me
And you’re pretty perfect

I love words. You prefer numbers.
We stay in the same place where the pine trees
And cold weather were so ******* perfect
We could drown beneath them

Just like as you said
We’ve known each other for a little while
But it was different, Jon Snow..
You told me I placed myself a part in your life
Where in fact, you have put yourself, the whole of it, much inside my life now

The one who sings. The one who writes.
We can make a good team
Isn’t that beautiful?
Isn’t that sad, too?

Just by hearing your voice singing
Makes my heart happy
Especially when you talk to me and listen to me
At a very random topic or something
I love it that way

You told me that you will be that someone
That will say good bye to my face but will come back
Please prove me you will
Please act like you will

I am forever grateful for I have found
A special friend who holds my sadness apart
Someone who’s existence feels like a melody to  me
Someone I call Jon

And in the end, memories of good conversations
Is what will keep us both alive
But for me, take my words as a promise
Because as long as it is here
I will always feel strong, I am very much alive. I am  immortal.
An open letter to my friend. Tonight I receive the sweetest message ever. Thank you, Jon Snow.
i wish
i were as brave as the rain
they are not afraid to

when there is no one there to catch them...

they are the strongest, bravest and
saddest things I've known :(

-the thought "the rain are not afraid to fall" were not from me . :)
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