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I always find myself mesmerized by the smallest of things.
The eternal song of nightingale.
The intoxicating aroma of jasmine.
The tiny raindrop on the edge of your eye.
I wish you were here tonight.
To hold me.
To share my breath.
I wish you were here tonight,
instead of this merciless memory.
There will be a moment, when you will try to weight the time.
You will count the remaining grains of sand in your hourglass like spare coins in your pocket.
Then, and only then, you will understand that you are in debt.
Don't fool yourself.
The Ferryman always gets what is his.
You will pay.
I have become very uninterested
in a life without you.
With love, kelsey
I am looking in the mirror
every passing day,
and the only thing I can see,
is your absence.
One moment
I was in your life
- in every single
and cranny,
trying to
smooth out
your broken edges
the same way
you smoothed out
But that was only
for a moment,
and the next
I was gone.

You cleared me out,
got a paint job and
fresh wallpaper,
stripping me of
and leaving me
naked and
alone and

Don't you care?
Don't you care that
I had made a happy
in your heart
even though I'd
only just moved in
and the previous
resident had
left their mark?

I don't know what to
say other than
god ******,
I've got space for you,
the keys in the lock and
you don't even need to knock
I'll be waiting.

So please,
please make room for me
because I've never felt
so beautiful as when
you took the word and
translated it into
a hundred thousand
gestures and
and precious memories.

My wallpaper's
torn right through
but I can stick it back
if only you give me the

You don't have to
keep on living in
broken homes.

So just let me
try and fix the
one we made.
Not my best but oh well
I need someone to tell me
everything will be alright
Copyright © Virginia Steindl
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