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Dalcanne Louise Dec 2018
They surpassed on everything
and here he is and asking
his own capability
that is surely a liability.

Who is the jack of all trades
that did everything to aid?
He is a man who is a master of none
that thought the existence is gone.

He who climbs the summit
to reach expectation
but failed to prevail
then latter a disappointment.

Proud and loud
he waves the flag
for it is not the end
but another start.
Dalcanne Louise Dec 2018
She has only one eye
and everyone wants her to die.
The title she has
is what everyone does.

She glows in the dark
but everyone in the street barks
for they see her as a trap
and all they can do is to rapt.

Pure hearted woman treats badly.
People walk so cleanly showing no dirt.
Pale heart starts to work wrongly,
standing tall like it doesn't hurt.

Looking upon the sky,
wishing that can soar high,
and she only let a sigh
for she cannot fly.
Dalcanne Louise Dec 2018
In a vast land
there are flowers
that grow aesthetically.

Beauty captivates one's soul,
leaving behind
all the rot.

In the growth of all,
the one that captivates
are always been picked.

"It's for everyone,"
but seems only for a specific.
You know all the words,
but not applied.

— The End —