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Ana Sweeney Jan 2017
In my mind I
prefer to climb
to the top of the
highest mountain
than swim at the bottom
of the deepest ocean.
Ana Sweeney Feb 2017
Last night, I slept alone
and got lost beneath the
mess of sheets without you
by my side, your skin on mine,
smoke lingering on our breath,
and beads of sweat dripping down
our spines like rose water.
Ana Sweeney Dec 2016
She's getting used to feeling
Sleep deprived, mesmerised
by the starlight dancing on the ceiling,
Watched through her red rimmed
and bloodshot eyes.
Ana Sweeney Mar 2018
“It’s different.”

“What is?”


It’s dull, faded... fading.

Like a memory or an old photo.

It no longer feels like her life.

It must be someone else’s, right?

She’s lost, a wanderer.

Like embers floating in the wind.


How did it come to this?
I haven’t written anything in a while so forgive this clumsy attempt.
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
The darkness is
Imbedded under my
skin and no matter
How hard I try to stop it,
it just wriggles further in.
Ana Sweeney May 2015
I remember it like it was yesterday.
The silver sky was tinged with misery.
I watched two solitary figures from afar...

Enveloped in his arms,
Throat was burning
Lips were stained red
Eyes were overflowing
Heartbeat was slowly fading
As she choked on the life saving words she sadly left
Ana Sweeney Jun 30
Half the time I
Don’t even know
If I’m trying to breathe
You in or smoke you out.
Ana Sweeney May 10
Something has shifted,
as though from my shoulders,
a weight has been lifted.

Like a pressure released
from within my chest,
my restless mind now
has time to rest.

My heart still aches,
oh, I miss you so, but
deep down I know,
t’was time to let go.
Ana Sweeney Jun 24
Your words
Into my skin
It hurts
Ana Sweeney Aug 10
When I was angry
You told me to be soft

When I was soft
You told me to be strong

When I was strong
You told me to be silent

When I was silent
It only made me *******

Ana Sweeney Apr 2016
Stifles my breath,
Wrings my throat,
Pounds my heart
against my chest,
Shakes my limbs,
and her name is
Ana Sweeney Dec 2015
I'll keep it hidden from you all
and even from myself,
In case you think I'm bedlam bound,
I'll not cry out for help.
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
Butterflies are blind to how
beautiful they really
are, and the same
goes for you,
My  love.
Ana Sweeney Jun 20
It’s 4:17 am.
I haven’t been to sleep yet.
Mind and body exhausted,
Yet my soul is restless.
Passing the hours in darkness
With the moon as my associate.
Until the time comes when he must
Set and I sit alone, in a dreamlike
Haze of lemon, and watch as the
Sun takes over, rising, as yet
another day begins.
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
I'm lying in bed,
I've spent all day in
my head, but all of the
people there wish
I was dead.
Ana Sweeney Apr 11
Unplug the clocks.
Time is non-existent
Awake all night, tormented
With thoughts of the chaos
Both within and without,
Until it’s 5am and the birds
Arise, taunting me with the
Bittersweet melody of their
Chorus which commences at
Dawn, reminding me it’s time
To begin my own daily performance.
Ana Sweeney Jul 2015
I opened the cage
of my ribs for you,
To reveal my softly beating
heart and all that lay
within it.

But you? No.

Your heart is still encased
in that cage of yours.
I can hear it,
each beat reverberating
in your chest.
Yet, I cannot see it.

Maybe you're just shy,
Maybe I just don't hold
the key to the cage
around your heart.
Ana Sweeney Feb 2017
These cyclic waves
of anxiety are constantly
crashing over me, I know
I act like I don't care, but I'm
slowly running out of air.
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
I don't know whether
I'm love sick or just
Sick of love...
Ana Sweeney Mar 2017
When we each come to an
end, we become one with
the Earth, and grow vast
fields of juniper and
Ana Sweeney Apr 2016
I am nothing but a failure.

Unable to do anything right,
I try to be myself, but that's
never good enough,
It's pointless to try and keep up
with this stupid facade.

So I think it's time to quit, because
Acting just isn't my forte.
Ana Sweeney Jan 2017
Beneath the deep red
lava moon, against the
Charcoal sky, amongst
the stars and galaxies,
my love and I
will lie.
Ana Sweeney Oct 22
I’ve seen love die.

I’ve watched it
Wither, falter and
Rot, until there was
Nothing left but hate.
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
Ana Sweeney Jan 2015
How lonely it must be, to wander feeling lost and alone despite being surrounded by a crowd of familiar faces.
Each day seems to last an eternity, that monotonous "tick tock" dictating every passing second.
You're nothing but numb.

Until suddenly, you find the one who obliterates the memories of endless, empty nights,
Who finally breathes life back into your deflating lungs and forces a current of blood into your heart with every kiss.

You now feel beautiful
You now feel loved

What a beautifully strange thing it is.
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
Smoke rising
Heart pounding                        

Mind racing                                            
  Vision blurring                                
Body numbing                      

*lemon haze
Ana Sweeney May 8
I’ll never forget the night
we decided to split.
The air of melancholy
that descended at that
moment when we
realised the truth.

I’ll never forget that
splitting silence, it lasted
for what felt like forever...
Until it was finally broken
when you spoke those
famous last words
that nobody wants
to hear...

“Unfortunately, it just turns out
that we make much better
friends than lovers.”
Ana Sweeney Jan 2015
We **** up and we know it.
But, there's only one thing we can do.
Deal with it.
We can't conceal ourselves from the consequences of our own vile actions.
We rub salt into the already festering wounds we've left behind and hide behind sickly sweet smiles while guilt pulses through our veins and corrodes us from the inside out.
Yet, what can we do? Nothing.
Time goes on and mistakes become old memories.
Friendships die. Love dies.
Time erodes all beauty and crimson roses fade to black.
But, like I've said before, there's only one thing we can do.
Just. *******. Deal with it.
Ana Sweeney May 26
Day in, day out, I
gave my whole self
to you, heart, soul
and mind.
Every secret, every
darkness within,
illuminated and laid
bare before you.

Little did I know, that
the security, the safety
I found in you, was but
a result of the microcosm
you had built around just
you and me, cut off from
the world, and from life.

I know this is a cliché, but
they say love is blind, and
by God, did I learn that
the hard way.
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
My heart feels like it's
made of glass, if it cracks,  
it will shatter into tiny
granules of sand
Within the palm
of your sweet
Ana Sweeney Apr 2016
Her thoughts are dragging at her feet,
urging her to slip beneath,
She's losing all strength and
the will to resist, so she
can't help but think

"**** it, I must submit."
Ana Sweeney Apr 2017
I can feel myself slowly slipping through the cracks, fading further and further into the distance, soon to become nothing more than a ghost, fabricated by their nostalgia.
Ana Sweeney Aug 2016
I'd been trapped in a daze,
feeling comfortably numb,
But recently I've been told to
"Take one capsule daily"
For 20mg of so-called "happiness".
Ana Sweeney Jul 2017
I cannot tame the
ghosts inside my head,
so in poetic spirals of
ink, I set them free.
Ana Sweeney Mar 2015
Drowning in a swelling
  Sea of sound,
        Trapped in the dungeon of
  Her own heart,
         Lungs gasping for breath as
  Words bleed out
          Onto tear splashed pages.

         She's fighting a battle against
          The darker side of herself...
    And losing (control)
   Is anyone there?
Ana Sweeney May 2015
I am kaleidoscopic.
           ­            Pale-hued,
                                          I am...
 a Masterpiece.
self love is key
Ana Sweeney Dec 2019

was it today?

was it yesterday?

**** it, I don't know

or care, for that matter.


What I do know is

I lost myself along the way.
Ana Sweeney Mar 2017
There's an ongoing battle,
set in treacherous terrains,
so if I can't reset my brain,
I fear I'll go insane.
Ana Sweeney Jul 8
Unlike you, I feel no
Peace in silence.

Unlike you, it offers
Me no rest, nor comfort.

Unlike you, nothingness only
Amplifies the voices in my head.

Unlike you, amidst the abyss,
They are my only friends.
Ana Sweeney Dec 2016
I'm drawn to you,
Like a wasp to a nest,
as words of love trickle
From your velvet lips like honey.
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
It's here, **it's there,
It's everywhere,
It strips me of my skin, and
It leaves my soul bare.
Ana Sweeney Apr 20
Because (truth be told),
in the early hours while
the city slumbers, when all
is still and silent and the moon
keeps an ever-watchful eye, my
words are my only companions.
Ana Sweeney Aug 2015
The demon that once
hid in a box in the
corner of my mind,
has suddenly jumped
out to greet me
once gain.
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
There are flames dancing
In my head,
Waltzing slowly 'round the bed,
Smoke intertwining as
They gleefully shout,
Gracefully floating 'til they
Fizzle and **die out.
Ana Sweeney Jul 2
Come on, admit it.
You have one too.
We all have a little black book.
Within its pages, darkest secrets
Concealed alongside true your opinions
On what you really think of him or her.
A mausoleum of words left unsaid,
Voices unheard. But rest assured, inside these pages, you can be certain that each and every one of these thoughts are both secret and safe tucked inside your little black book.
Ana Sweeney Jan 2017
The past year means nothing now,
it is written in the history books, but
here's to all the adventures that will
be had in the year to come.
Ana Sweeney Jul 2018
Love with neither your
heart nor your mind, but
with your soul.

For even though your heart
may stop, and your mind may
forget, your soul will live
on forever.
Ana Sweeney Jan 2015
Tonight, forget everything.
Close your eyes.
Get lost among the stars and
let the melody of the wind and rain become your own sweet lullaby.
Ana Sweeney Jun 2015
As the sun sets,
The moon rises to kiss her
Goodnight and whisper  
"Sleep tight".
Ana Sweeney Feb 2016
I long to be between thy skin. Lust and desire are beyond my sense.
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