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1.2k · Apr 2017
Ana Sweeney Apr 2017
Each time you glance at me,
your eyes flicker perfectly, but
I often wonder what you see.
1.0k · Mar 2017
Message to a stranger.
Ana Sweeney Mar 2017
Maybe someday our
kindred spirits will cross
paths and ignite our lonely
hearts we thought would never glow.
1.0k · Mar 2017
Ana Sweeney Mar 2017
I'm always forgetting
that what goes up must
Come down.
1.0k · Feb 2015
Why did we want to grow up?
Ana Sweeney Feb 2015
White rabbits in waistcoats,
Mad Hatters, March Hares, and
Pink Chesire Cats who are free
From all cares

Seven dwarfs and a girl
Named Snow White,
Peter and Tink fly to the
Second star to the right

These are the stories of
Old childhood friends, but
Sadly these fantasies must
Come to an end

Fond memories we cherish
Of characters we've met,
We may have to grow up,
But we'll never forget
P.S I'm aware this might seem a little childish..
974 · Mar 2017
In my mind.
Ana Sweeney Mar 2017
There's an ongoing battle,
set in treacherous terrains,
so if I can't reset my brain,
I fear I'll go insane.
966 · Jul 2015
Ana Sweeney Jul 2015
I opened the cage
of my ribs for you,
To reveal my softly beating
heart and all that lay
within it.

But you? No.

Your heart is still encased
in that cage of yours.
I can hear it,
each beat reverberating
in your chest.
Yet, I cannot see it.

Maybe you're just shy,
Maybe I just don't hold
the key to the cage
around your heart.
912 · Dec 2015
The Simplest of Things.
Ana Sweeney Dec 2015
Driving alone,
Late nights,
or a warm embrace.

These may be the simplest of things,
but they speak louder than words
ever will.
846 · May 22
The sad truth
Ana Sweeney May 22
Why does the right
thing always feel
so wrong?
777 · Apr 2017
Ana Sweeney Apr 2017
Why do we always get high
When we're feeling low?
757 · Nov 2016
Through The Tunnel.
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
She has kaleidoscopic eyes and
A geometric mind,
While the sun sets in golden skies,
She talks with plasticine
People over tea and marshmallow
739 · Jul 2017
Red Velvet.
Ana Sweeney Jul 2017
Sometimes I bleed because
red is a good colour on me.
726 · Nov 2016
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
My heart feels like it's
made of glass, if it cracks,  
it will shatter into tiny
granules of sand
Within the palm
of your sweet
708 · Jan 2015
Ana Sweeney Jan 2015
I'm sorry I'm not perfect.
I'm hoplessly flawed.
My skin doesn't look like porcelain, my lips aren't blood red.

I'm sorry about those few small words carved into my skin, but don't worry, they're just the result of a little self hatred.

This is driving me crazy.

I'm just so ******* sick of being sorry even when I know it's unnecessary.
And so, this is my final apology.

(I'm sorry)
699 · Dec 2016
Ana Sweeney Dec 2016
I'm drawn to you,
Like a wasp to a nest,
as words of love trickle
From your velvet lips like honey.
682 · Apr 2017
Ana Sweeney Apr 2017
I can feel myself slowly slipping through the cracks, fading further and further into the distance, soon to become nothing more than a ghost, fabricated by their nostalgia.
647 · Oct 2016
You're (Un)Welcome.
Ana Sweeney Oct 2016
He's always lurking in the blackest corner of my mind, ready to attack at any inconvenient moment, and even though he knows he's unwelcome, he's still alive ,well and comfortable in the  dark home he's made in my bones.
624 · Nov 2016
My Friend Luna.
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
She leaves every day
But returns every night
To illuminate the dark
With her ghostly spotlight.
604 · Mar 2017
Ana Sweeney Mar 2017
When we each come to an
end, we become one with
the Earth, and grow vast
fields of juniper and
585 · Dec 2016
5 am.
Ana Sweeney Dec 2016
She's getting used to feeling
Sleep deprived, mesmerised
by the starlight dancing on the ceiling,
Watched through her red rimmed
and bloodshot eyes.
574 · Aug 2016
Happiness Capsules.
Ana Sweeney Aug 2016
I'd been trapped in a daze,
feeling comfortably numb,
But recently I've been told to
"Take one capsule daily"
For 20mg of so-called "happiness".
561 · Feb 2017
Ana Sweeney Feb 2017
We fall for our own illusion of love,
When in reality, it will all be a tragedy.
554 · Nov 2016
Light Dancers.
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
There are flames dancing
In my head,
Waltzing slowly 'round the bed,
Smoke intertwining as
They gleefully shout,
Gracefully floating 'til they
Fizzle and **die out.
545 · Jun 2017
When Dusk meets Dawn.
Ana Sweeney Jun 2017
The ghostly spotlight of the moon fades, and the sun rises, dripping rays of sweet honey over the rolling hills.
526 · Jan 2017
Ana Sweeney Jan 2017
Beneath the deep red
lava moon, against the
Charcoal sky, amongst
the stars and galaxies,
my love and I
will lie.
517 · Jan 2017
Looking Forward.
Ana Sweeney Jan 2017
The past year means nothing now,
it is written in the history books, but
here's to all the adventures that will
be had in the year to come.
Ana Sweeney Mar 2015
Drowning in a swelling
  Sea of sound,
        Trapped in the dungeon of
  Her own heart,
         Lungs gasping for breath as
  Words bleed out
          Onto tear splashed pages.

         She's fighting a battle against
          The darker side of herself...
    And losing (control)
   Is anyone there?
476 · Jul 2015
The Art of Seduction.
Ana Sweeney Jul 2015
I have scars and imperfections,
but despite them, you told me
I'm ****.

Well baby, that was your mistake.

I want you to ****** me.

You'll give me a flash of that crooked smile and a playful wink,
your golden eyes filled with desire and lust.

Your hand will gently brush my cheek, then you'll stare into my eyes,
down at my lips,
and back into my eyes again.

You know, how I long for your touch.

But before I can draw breath,
lips are upon lips,
and in that instant,
I am yours, your kiss is like a
poison I can't get enough of.

How about this?

Just for tonight, you and I,
heavy breathing, sweat trickling
down your spine and
our bodies intertwined,
writing poetry beneath your
Ana Sweeney Jul 2015
Everyone asks what's
But no one asks what's
452 · Dec 2016
Tired eyes.
Ana Sweeney Dec 2016
Rest your weary mind love,
and drift off into the sea
of stars behind those
tired eyes.
451 · Feb 2017
Catch my breath.
Ana Sweeney Feb 2017
These cyclic waves
of anxiety are constantly
crashing over me, I know
I act like I don't care, but I'm
slowly running out of air.
449 · Nov 2016
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
I don't know whether
I'm love sick or just
Sick of love...
446 · 2d
Why I Stayed
You made my world so
Small and so dark that I
Got lost, and I couldn’t
find the exit
435 · Jan 2017
The Secret Garden.
Ana Sweeney Jan 2017
Grow a garden inside
your own soul instead
of waiting for someone
else to bring you flowers.
430 · Jan 2017
23:58 pm.
Ana Sweeney Jan 2017
In my mind I
prefer to climb
to the top of the
highest mountain
than swim at the bottom
of the deepest ocean.
417 · Jan 2015
Festering Guilt
Ana Sweeney Jan 2015
We **** up and we know it.
But, there's only one thing we can do.
Deal with it.
We can't conceal ourselves from the consequences of our own vile actions.
We rub salt into the already festering wounds we've left behind and hide behind sickly sweet smiles while guilt pulses through our veins and corrodes us from the inside out.
Yet, what can we do? Nothing.
Time goes on and mistakes become old memories.
Friendships die. Love dies.
Time erodes all beauty and crimson roses fade to black.
But, like I've said before, there's only one thing we can do.
Just. *******. Deal with it.
416 · Nov 2016
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
It's here, **it's there,
It's everywhere,
It strips me of my skin, and
It leaves my soul bare.
408 · Aug 2015
Ana Sweeney Aug 2015
You nurtured a rose
within my heart,
until she grew too tall
and I choked on her thorns.
408 · Oct 2017
Teardrops in my notebook.
Ana Sweeney Oct 2017
Tired eyes look towards melancholy skies, the shadows offer me comfort, and the words I once wrote are
nothing but blurry black lines.
403 · Feb 2016
Lust and Desire.
Ana Sweeney Feb 2016
I long to be between thy skin. Lust and desire are beyond my sense.
395 · Mar 2017
Ana Sweeney Mar 2017
A poet can truly see into
another man's mind, once
he reads over his words.
395 · Jun 2015
Lunar Love
Ana Sweeney Jun 2015
As the sun sets,
The moon rises to kiss her
Goodnight and whisper  
"Sleep tight".
386 · Nov 2016
B l u r r y.
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
I'm lying in bed,
I've spent all day in
my head, but all of the
people there wish
I was dead.
380 · May 2015
Accidental Asphyxiation
Ana Sweeney May 2015
I remember it like it was yesterday.
The silver sky was tinged with misery.
I watched two solitary figures from afar...

Enveloped in his arms,
Throat was burning
Lips were stained red
Eyes were overflowing
Heartbeat was slowly fading
As she choked on the life saving words she sadly left
354 · Jul 2015
Silver Lining.
Ana Sweeney Jul 2015
Just remember,
that to get a silver lining,
you must have a cloud.
Ana Sweeney Mar 2015
Friendly faces
Toxic thoughts
The bittersweet taste of G&T;
Clouds of smoke
Calming and sedative
Drifting into half-charred lungs

Self destructive as it may seem
There's really no place I'd rather be
347 · Nov 2016
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
You can learn a lot about a poet
From his words in black and white,
The smile may be as bright as day,
But the mind's as dark as night.
338 · May 26
Fool’s paradise
Ana Sweeney May 26
Day in, day out, I
gave my whole self
to you, heart, soul
and mind.
Every secret, every
darkness within,
illuminated and laid
bare before you.

Little did I know, that
the security, the safety
I found in you, was but
a result of the microcosm
you had built around just
you and me, cut off from
the world, and from life.

I know this is a cliché, but
they say love is blind, and
by God, did I learn that
the hard way.
334 · Jan 2015
Questions Unanswered
Ana Sweeney Jan 2015
The smile, the laugh, the rosy cheeks, all thanks to the blissful numbness created by wine and *****,
But something hides deep beneath her cheerful visage.
The euphoria of drunkenness is only temporary.
The sound of loud voices and dizzying brightness of the lights dissolve, giving way to the distortion within.
When she's alone, she can't recognise the warped features of her own reflection.
Is this really her?
Is this who she's destined to be?
Only time will tell.
As fresh breezes shift to stifling heat and cool raindrops turn to snow, her true identity shall be revealed.
She must resign herself to life's mysteries and only then will she discover who she truly is.
324 · Aug 2015
Jack In The Box.
Ana Sweeney Aug 2015
The demon that once
hid in a box in the
corner of my mind,
has suddenly jumped
out to greet me
once gain.
299 · Apr 2017
White Noise.
Ana Sweeney Apr 2017
There's nothing else
but you, me and our
bodies made of chemistry.
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