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Feb 2021 · 122
Ana Sweeney Feb 2021
In this river of doubt
Can’t swim my way out

In a place I don’t know
No yellow brick road to follow

A wanderer lost and all alone
Just hoping to find my way home
Jan 2021 · 312
Ana Sweeney Jan 2021
I carry what you said with me.
The aching in my bones.
The bruising on my soul.
The scars on my skin.
It’s less of a choice, and
more of a sickness.
Jan 2021 · 207
Lockdown (10w)
Ana Sweeney Jan 2021
Every day relived
Identical, cyclical
When will this
**** end?
Jan 2021 · 190
The Sadness.
Ana Sweeney Jan 2021
It comes at night.
A ghost black as coal.
Moving noiseless and
Nimble betwixt the shadows.
Nov 2020 · 588
Why I Stayed
Ana Sweeney Nov 2020
You made my world so
Small and so dark that I
Got lost, and I couldn’t
find the exit
Jun 2020 · 72
Addicted (to you)
Ana Sweeney Jun 2020
Half the time I
Don’t even know
If I’m trying to breathe
You in or smoke you out.
Jun 2020 · 233
A love story (10w)
Ana Sweeney Jun 2020
Your words
Into my skin
It hurts
Ana Sweeney Jun 2020
**** this life.
I would’ve been
Better off in another one.
Or better still, not at all.

Year after year of pain.
Grief, heartbreak, abuse,
Depression, illness, loss.

A monotonous, never- ending  
Cycle. Black and white.
All colour that was once there
Has faded, slowly and completely.

I’m utterly done with this
****. Where’s the nearest exit?
May 2020 · 377
Fool’s paradise
Ana Sweeney May 2020
Day in, day out, I
gave my whole self
to you, heart, soul
and mind.
Every secret, every
darkness within,
illuminated and laid
bare before you.

Little did I know, that
the security, the safety
I found in you, was but
a result of the microcosm
you had built around just
you and me, cut off from
the world, and from life.

I know this is a cliché, but
they say love is blind, and
by God, did I learn that
the hard way.
May 2020 · 894
The sad truth
Ana Sweeney May 2020
Why does the right
thing always feel
so wrong?
Apr 2020 · 94
Sweet Serenity
Ana Sweeney Apr 2020
The sun rises and sets,
drizzling honey in
gentle kisses
passed from
Apr 2020 · 191
I write...
Ana Sweeney Apr 2020
Because (truth be told),
in the early hours while
the city slumbers, when all
is still and silent and the moon
keeps an ever-watchful eye, my
words are my only companions.
Apr 2020 · 143
Cabin Fever.
Ana Sweeney Apr 2020
Unplug the clocks.
Time is non-existent
Awake all night, tormented
With thoughts of the chaos
Both within and without,
Until it’s 5am and the birds
Arise, taunting me with the
Bittersweet melody of their
Chorus which commences at
Dawn, reminding me it’s time
To begin my own daily performance.
Apr 2020 · 54
Quarantine Diaries: Day ?
Ana Sweeney Apr 2020
It’s day... I don’t ******* know anymore.
Locked indoors 23 hours of the day
A one hour slot to feel like a human again
Is this what prison feels like?
I’ve been trapped for so long
The four walls of my bedroom declared me insane last night
How much longer can I last?
I don’t ******* know anymore.
Jul 2018 · 227
Love, Everlasting.
Ana Sweeney Jul 2018
Love with neither your
heart nor your mind, but
with your soul.

For even though your heart
may stop, and your mind may
forget, your soul will live
on forever.
Jul 2018 · 189
Ana Sweeney Jul 2018
In the space behind her eyelids

Nobody knows

Puts on a grade A performance

the pain never shows

Happier days now

outnumbered by lows

and the girl she once knew

Lives in the shadows
Oct 2017 · 439
Teardrops in my notebook.
Ana Sweeney Oct 2017
Tired eyes look towards melancholy skies, the shadows offer me comfort, and the words I once wrote are
nothing but blurry black lines.
Jul 2017 · 767
Red Velvet.
Ana Sweeney Jul 2017
Sometimes I bleed because
red is a good colour on me.
Jul 2017 · 219
Ana Sweeney Jul 2017
I cannot tame the
ghosts inside my head,
so in poetic spirals of
ink, I set them free.
Apr 2017 · 815
Ana Sweeney Apr 2017
Why do we always get high
When we're feeling low?
Apr 2017 · 1.2k
Ana Sweeney Apr 2017
Each time you glance at me,
your eyes flicker perfectly, but
I often wonder what you see.
Apr 2017 · 724
Ana Sweeney Apr 2017
I can feel myself slowly slipping through the cracks, fading further and further into the distance, soon to become nothing more than a ghost, fabricated by their nostalgia.
Mar 2017 · 1.1k
Ana Sweeney Mar 2017
I'm always forgetting
that what goes up must
Come down.
Mar 2017 · 636
Ana Sweeney Mar 2017
When we each come to an
end, we become one with
the Earth, and grow vast
fields of juniper and
Mar 2017 · 1.1k
Message to a stranger.
Ana Sweeney Mar 2017
Maybe someday our
kindred spirits will cross
paths and ignite our lonely
hearts we thought would never glow.
Mar 2017 · 420
Ana Sweeney Mar 2017
A poet can truly see into
another man's mind, once
he reads over his words.
Feb 2017 · 601
Ana Sweeney Feb 2017
We fall for our own illusion of love,
When in reality, it will all be a tragedy.
Jan 2017 · 569
Ana Sweeney Jan 2017
Beneath the deep red
lava moon, against the
Charcoal sky, amongst
the stars and galaxies,
my love and I
will lie.
Jan 2017 · 469
The Secret Garden.
Ana Sweeney Jan 2017
Grow a garden inside
your own soul instead
of waiting for someone
else to bring you flowers.
Dec 2016 · 487
Tired eyes.
Ana Sweeney Dec 2016
Rest your weary mind love,
and drift off into the sea
of stars behind those
tired eyes.
Dec 2016 · 186
Writer's Block.
Ana Sweeney Dec 2016
There's a gaping hole inside
of me, it's completely
devoid of poetry.
Dec 2016 · 616
5 am.
Ana Sweeney Dec 2016
She's getting used to feeling
Sleep deprived, mesmerised
by the starlight dancing on the ceiling,
Watched through her red rimmed
and bloodshot eyes.
Dec 2016 · 744
Ana Sweeney Dec 2016
I'm drawn to you,
Like a wasp to a nest,
as words of love trickle
From your velvet lips like honey.
Nov 2016 · 799
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
My heart feels like it's
made of glass, if it cracks,  
it will shatter into tiny
granules of sand
Within the palm
of your sweet
Nov 2016 · 666
My Friend Luna.
Ana Sweeney Nov 2016
She leaves every day
But returns every night
To illuminate the dark
With her ghostly spotlight.
Apr 2016 · 289
Fuck it.
Ana Sweeney Apr 2016
Her thoughts are dragging at her feet,
urging her to slip beneath,
She's losing all strength and
the will to resist, so she
can't help but think

"**** it, I must submit."
Aug 2015 · 474
Ana Sweeney Aug 2015
You nurtured a rose
within my heart,
until she grew too tall
and I choked on her thorns.
Jul 2015 · 391
Silver Lining.
Ana Sweeney Jul 2015
Just remember,
that to get a silver lining,
you must have a cloud.
Jul 2015 · 509
The Art of Seduction.
Ana Sweeney Jul 2015
I have scars and imperfections,
but despite them, you told me
I'm ****.

Well baby, that was your mistake.

I want you to ****** me.

You'll give me a flash of that crooked smile and a playful wink,
your golden eyes filled with desire and lust.

Your hand will gently brush my cheek, then you'll stare into my eyes,
down at my lips,
and back into my eyes again.

You know, how I long for your touch.

But before I can draw breath,
lips are upon lips,
and in that instant,
I am yours, your kiss is like a
poison I can't get enough of.

How about this?

Just for tonight, you and I,
heavy breathing, sweat trickling
down your spine and
our bodies intertwined,
writing poetry beneath your
Jul 2015 · 1.0k
Ana Sweeney Jul 2015
I opened the cage
of my ribs for you,
To reveal my softly beating
heart and all that lay
within it.

But you? No.

Your heart is still encased
in that cage of yours.
I can hear it,
each beat reverberating
in your chest.
Yet, I cannot see it.

Maybe you're just shy,
Maybe I just don't hold
the key to the cage
around your heart.
Jun 2015 · 421
Lunar Love
Ana Sweeney Jun 2015
As the sun sets,
The moon rises to kiss her
Goodnight and whisper  
"Sleep tight".
Jan 2015 · 461
Festering Guilt
Ana Sweeney Jan 2015
We **** up and we know it.
But, there's only one thing we can do.
Deal with it.
We can't conceal ourselves from the consequences of our own vile actions.
We rub salt into the already festering wounds we've left behind and hide behind sickly sweet smiles while guilt pulses through our veins and corrodes us from the inside out.
Yet, what can we do? Nothing.
Time goes on and mistakes become old memories.
Friendships die. Love dies.
Time erodes all beauty and crimson roses fade to black.
But, like I've said before, there's only one thing we can do.
Just. *******. Deal with it.

— The End —