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Dec 2020 · 204
blowing mines freestyle
X Dec 2020
sense of hubris is useless when the tables turn you’re the one making excuses
the fumes in the air don’t even include it , it’s like working overtime and when times run out your working over minds
your words
your actions
numbers never lie but in this case you’re actions intertwine with the need to survive and the need to be alive
step outside
back in mind
soul searching inside but I’m too lost to keep track of time
now I work to keep you outta mind
outta sight
now my minds blowing mines
would love some feedback , this was strictly just thoughts coming out of my mind.
Nov 2020 · 160
X Nov 2020
Not a player,
but player tendencies are prevalent in my ways.
so is Denial and Guilt,
not to mention emotional regressions met with selfish intentions.
now I lost you,
or maybe you lost me.
Cause maybe I wasn't the problem,
you just weren't the solution.
Nov 2020 · 85
Trust Issues
X Nov 2020
Telling paper my thoughts she keeps my secrets.
I'd tell you but the issue would be trusting you to keep it.
Paper keeps me grounded in my feelings.
She knows the truth even when the words don't mean it.
She feels the intention in the strokes of my pen.
With every line she proves to be limitless.
An infinite realm of ideas where the mind can feel the power of pure potentiality.
But at the same time she challenges my sanity.
No form of parody in her love its stronger than gravity.
Through my own sense of hubris I'm using her for vanity.
Sep 2020 · 156
X Sep 2020
The approach was too abrupt
Too Strong
The vibe felt right so you jumped at the opportunity that you believed would remove yourself from the comfort of your mental prison
You took a leap of faith
You tried to escape
Rejection is a song that's played many times before but now its become a theme of failed attempts where the ego shouts for the need to be alone and in solitude
Rejection fuels the ego
But not the soul
He takes a back seat and lets the ego control
With every failed attempt the more the walls close in
The more the prison grows in capacity
The more solitude fills itself in
Jul 2020 · 64
Sun in Sagittarius
X Jul 2020
flame to the woods in the back
Gorilla glue held us closer when weather would make our lips crack
No blistex
No fear
If being law abiding was cool we’d be the lamest people here
But as the time steers
So did my tears
My pain was ignored
Later you would walk out my door
Continued pursuit that’s what the archer would do
Now your running in circles
Searching for someone’s love that has nothing to do with you
Jul 2020 · 67
X Jul 2020
To the girls that I’ve talked to
Thank you for selfish reasons that mean more than the exchanging of souls that took place in our most trying times
For opening up to me even when our time was built on lies
When you allowed me in your sacred walls where your feelings reside
I realized how much I want to be loved
May 2020 · 65
X May 2020
Nostalgia, my good friend, you’re back
This time let’s talk about the things I could have been
Let the tunes unchain my chains and I will let you dissect my brain
Little misty but I will remain strong and hope for better things ahead
But with that being said
Work your magic
And send me off on this rollercoaster
May 2020 · 128
X May 2020
The base of the beat is not loud enough
So turn it louder
Let the car become one with the song as we vibrate the streets with our happiness
And if there’s static, let them have it
Cause we got tons of boogie under this hoodie
That’s why we’re immune to the tragic
And if they ask where you’re from
You say I’m from a place of magic
But you know how easy it is to get lost in such a magical place
Just ask the people that never got away
Leaving you to think, will I ever get away?
May 2020 · 66
X May 2020
Out of luck
Moving is fun until it’s the only thing to do
And even when you start do you really know what to do?
Is there an end goal?
Is it a fluke?
Maybe if I focus I’ll know
But focus is work
What is work when you don’t know what to do?
May 2020 · 58
Impatient Patience
X May 2020
Can we skip this?
Can we go to the part where I finish your sentence
Where I can feel what you’re feeling with you just standing there
When I know you’re going to start a petty argument
When I can hold you and kiss you and not be afraid to
I know I should wait but I want to know what you like
What makes you click ?
What makes you laugh, sad ?
What makes you everything?
It’s fine I’ll wait
I just hope you can wait too.
May 2020 · 45
X May 2020
I’m *****
And you know me
We can do this right now
Later I’ll treat you like the homie
For now I’ll do it slowly
And when the ****** is hit
You can control me
But remember later you’re my homie
Follow @be.aloof on IG , will be posting poems and thoughts. Much love and blessings your way ❤️
May 2020 · 79
X May 2020
Our messages distance themselves
The distance speaks louder than our words
They scream your company is appreciated
But maybe not needed
Maybe not interested
Maybe not important
Maybe we’re scared
Maybe he’s got your attention
Maybe he’s what you need
Maybe he’s more important
Until we meet again
Maybe by then we’ll be perfect
Follow @be.aloof on IG , will be posting poems and thoughts. Much love and blessings your way ❤️
May 2020 · 125
Love And War
X May 2020
All is fair
In Love and War
You blame my toxic ways
You've done it too many times before
You tell your friends
They respond complimenting you to no end
But you're on the verge of crying when you hit send
May 2020 · 197
X May 2020
gut feelings
Give me a reason
For self treason
Bood up all season
Just to find out
May 2020 · 48
diamond in the gutter
X May 2020
You shine the like the sun in middle of the summer
Such a ****** you left me for another
But I’ll reflect like the diamonds in the gutter
Maybe you’ll love me again
But this time more than a brother
More like a lover
I’ll be more like foundations to a building that scrape the skies and leave you to wonder
Will he treat you better than I?
Will he understand you even when you’re wrong?
Will he be the shoulder to cry on when you’re lost?
Only time will tell
Until then I’ll wait for you
It’s only right as I continue living my hell
May 2020 · 259
X May 2020
If my words are remembered
That’s all I need
Fame and money are ideals created by the insecure
So away the malice, envy and greed
Cause on this side the sun shines even when the trees hide your beauty
Soothing breeze leaves one to wonder if in fact life is meant to be an ongoing trend of aloofness
But aloof I’ll be
And when the breeze blows me away I hope my words are all you need
Or maybe fame and money aren’t too bad after all
Maybe that way my words will be the roots to your happiness
I guess you can say I’m insecure
May 2020 · 48
X May 2020
Once we intertwine
Your secrets become mine
Our love strengthens
One ****** at a time
Don’t question now
Question tomorrow
Cause I don’t know
If I’ll like you
Your time is borrowed
You leave
I’m left in sorrow
You’re a good girl
I hope your actions follow
new to this, tons of talent on here, keep doing what you are doing much love ❤️

— The End —