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  Aug 2014 Alma G
Audrey Lucille
and sleek
cursed my
I was so overwhelmed you saw right through me where as I could merely only see the thin outline that contained what was inside of you.
But my outline
which made it easier for you.
I could not see into your thoughts like you could mine, nor was your body language easy to read.
Weeks ahead of time I should have noticed what was wrong.
Alma G Aug 2014
As tears flows out of my eyes
I remember all the words he had pronounced
All the ugly truths he had pointed out
I remember him standing in front of me
With those eyes that cried for help
But that I was unable to help

I remember him more and more everyday
His voice shaky on the last night of his existence
His hands steady when he pulled the trigger
And his body living without a soul but only memories of living creatures

How much I assumed he was there
But how wrong I was to think he’ll be okay
Now it’s too late.

I’m left with thoughts that shallow my soul and
Memories that make me feel fantastic

Alma G Aug 2014
It was your touch
Your arms wrapped around my waist,  
Our eyes shut  
Imagining life away from here;
That was what I missed the most.
I did not want you back into my life,  
But only your touch.  
I did not know how to fill that empty space  
No matter what,  
It always came back to your touch.


— The End —