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Alison Jul 2019
What a terrible thing to dream of an almost lover
To wake up in no one's arms
in the freezing cold
of your quiet room
To be reminded once again
You are alone.
Alison Jul 2019
I lived a lifetime in your eyes
before you ever said hello.
I'm not worried about our future
I've already seen it.
Alison Jul 2019
I ripped my body apart to appease you
I cried to you, for you, and with you
But you got angry at me for getting tears on your shoes.
Alison Jul 2019
Open mouths
Shut jaws,
Trembling hands
Strong wrists,
Gut wrenched
butterflies killed,
Restless nights
Early mornings,
Love gone
Not forgotten,
Eyes burning
Tears drying.
heartbreak in it's most intense form.
Alison Jun 2019
I'm tripping over pieces of you to find myself again.
  Jun 2019 Alison
Carl Sandburg
SHAKE back your hair, O red-headed girl.
Let go your laughter and keep your two proud freckles on your chin.
Somewhere is a man looking for a red-headed girl and some day maybe he will look into your eyes for a restaurant cashier and find a lover, maybe.
Around and around go ten thousand men hunting a red headed girl with two freckles on her chin.
I have seen them hunting, hunting.
  Shake back your hair; let go your laughter.
  Jun 2019 Alison
Carl Sandburg
I could love you
as dry roots love rain.
I could hold you
as branches in the wind
brandish petals.
Forgive me for speaking so soon.

    Let your heart look
    on white sea spray
    and be lonely.

    Love is a fool star.

    You and a ring of stars
    may mention my name
    and then forget me.

    Love is a fool star.
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