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  Oct 2014 Ailin garcia
She swam and swam and swam til' she reached the end
And she fell for a man, without any pretend.
She imagined living with a feet.
To have a good life living with him.

Imagining spending eternity
With the guy without uncertainty.

So she swam and swam and swam near his ship
So that he could catch his attention
He turned around and saw her...
As a circus attraction.
  Oct 2014 Ailin garcia
Call me stupid
Call me lame
I never planned
On earning fame

Call me ugly
Call me gross
The weight I loose
For you the most

Call me ****
Call me addict
Push me face down again
While you're at it
To all my "loved ones."
Ailin garcia Oct 2014
One day I was a walking to the street an I saw my boyfriend holding hands with another chick and kissing another chick at the same time I got mad a came to him and this is over *****.
If you have a boyfriend watch out what  they texting and to who!

— The End —