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Yesterday it rained.
‘ ,  ‘,/  ‘ ,  ‘ ,\’ ,‘ , ‘ , ’
,   ‘ ,\ , ‘ ,‘ , ‘/‘,  ‘, , ‘
‘  ‘ ‘ /‘ , ‘ , ‘  \’  ‘, ‘ ,
‘   ‘  ‘ ‘  ‘   ‘  ‘  ‘  ‘   ‘
Forcing my lights to power off.
Last month we planted a seed.
We fantasized about our future SUN(or)FLOWER.
But lightening struck late last night.
Destroying my garden,
Snatching away my sunshine,
Leaving me trapped under heavy rain clouds.
Pouring teardrops of pain on my window.
Filling the skies with thundering disappointments,
As our paper plane came crashing down.
Dissolving in sorrow-filled puddles before our eyes.
All too soon, there was no time left between our “Hellos” & our “Goodbyes.”
“Who ever said, its impossible to miss what you never had?”
Or depressed?
This never ends, it's interrupted by moments of being
Ok. Returning every time.
"You're just heart broken" then why does every bone in my body miss a person who only hurt me.
If only my heart were broken.
Instead it's my mind.
"You don't know my pain"
You don't know mine, a special kind of weakness and loneliness.
Maybe it's temporary but my friends make fun of me
The ones closest to me put me down
Maybe I don't know what I am
" she shed her emotions like four seasons. . .
the gloom in her eyes carried certain reasons. . .
from all the nights she sparkled brightest in the moon less one. . .
and then she faded into the sky like a dying sun. . .
striving through the excruciating weathers that soaked her dry. . .
with all that ache and not a tear to cry. . .
was it her strength that held her high. . .
or was it the despair when hopes were a lie... "*
Once upon a time
Coca Cola, Sprite & Fanta had a fight
They fought over who is the best among them
They fought for hours but couldn't agree
Then they finally decided to find someone neutral

After searching whole day
They finally found a man laying on the ground
He was so thirsty, that he could hardly move
They asked him to have a sip of their soft drink
He took sips from all three cold drinks one by one

After all he was so thirsty
When they asked him which was the best
He said doesn't matter they all relieve my thirst
Then they realize they are all doing the same job
It is just the difference of color, flavor and taste
I wrote this about racism
She was a person who could put the
broken pieces of another
back together
Sadly she was a person who couldn't
make her own broken pieces
once again.
I woke up this morning and my name flashed on T.V.
They said i blew up places , they said i killed masses .
Men , women & children I murdered them all.
Who am I ?
I am a muslim and i am taking this fall.
They used my name and spread the terror.
I am not them , it surely is an error.
We, muslims, are the holders of peace , we spread love.
Why am I being  represented by their false actions.
I am a person, with different notions.
World will now brand me a terrorist.
Don't judge me by their actions , I insist.
I am not them, they pilfered my name.
They inflicted libel , and my religion to defame .
I have been robbed , robbed of my name.
I am a muslim , human like you , all the same.
My name has been robbed , my identity stolen
I deprecate the terror and mourn for fallen.
There are millions like me and humanity lies in our depths.
But we are all victims of Identity Theft* ...............
We Muslims condemn  the Paris attack.
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