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Hello dear traveler may I get you something to eat?
We have cakes and candies oh so sweet.
You've come a long way haven't you dear?
Why don't you get a room but from the cat steer clear.
Oh you like cats do you? Why don't you give this one a pet?
He hasn't had a human touch all day long just yet.
You sure I can't get you a drink or some food?
Surely you wouldn't want to starve don't be rude.
There you go most dearest traveler eat up and be satisfied.
Then go to your room and sleep, hot cocoa I will provide.
I'm turning the lights off now dear one, get some sleep and awake in the light of the morning.
So that may tomorrow be a beautiful day for some more exploring.
Even though I'm broken and bruised I sit here and I think of you.
I think of how strong you are despite all you've been though.
You inspire me to never give up and always keep fighting.
Even when I feel hope is lost, and I feel like dying.
I know how hard is to feel like the worlds crashing around you and I think you do too.
But we must never give up despite our demons telling us things that are untrue.
You really have my whole heart I'll always stand by you.
Forever and always I hope you know thats true.
You helped me realize I'm gonna be okay.
Whatever I do there's always a way.
I want you to know what I love most about you.
that even though you had depression. from the ground you flew.
Like a bird that soared up into the heavens where the sky is blue.
One day I hope I can be as strong as you so I can to be okay.
But you give me hope, that there's always a way.
I love you jared!!! :D <3
Dean, You really saved the world one last time.
Now you're at peace and everything is fine.
I'm so upset that you're gone.
But I know in my heart you'll carry on.
My pain at losing you is too much to bear
I really wish that you were here.
You went heroically like I always knew you would.
Now your legacy will live on where you once stood.
I'm gonna miss you so much I can't help but cry.
I never thought you would die.
I wanted you to  live until you were eighty
Maybe even find a nice lady.
That was my happy ending for you but you were taken from us too soon.
I thought from death you were immune.
So now i'll listen to some classic rock tunes.
Just so I can feel close to you.
I'll miss you forever but I know that you're happy now.
In your own little heaven, We'll meet again. Somehow.
Sam, I'm gonna miss you a ton I want you to know.
But now it's time to put a curtain on this show.
I love you so much I can't describe what you've done for me.
You helped me with my demons so I could be free.
You fought to save the world more than one time.
But now it's time for you to rest, we will be fine.
You're so brave and so kind I hope you know that's true.
I don't really want to say goodbye to you.
You mean the world to me I know I must move on.
But it's hard since you've been apart of my life for so long.
So one final goodbye to you is what I'll say
You'll be in my heart forever, for the rest of my days.
The meadows and the flower fields are my happy place
The sunshine and the gentle wind help me solve any problems I may face.
I love to see the beautiful flowers brush up against my skin.
Just as much as I love feeling the chilly wind.
The heat of the day is what’s comforting to me.
It’s like a warm gentle hug wrapping me it’s a beautiful feeling I guarantee
Next time you feel sad I urge you to come out here.
You’ll find you’ll be right at home in the fields of Endear
Quake you never give up on the ones you love, and for that I admire.
I know you've been through tragedy, and I know that you are tired.
But somehow you keep going on with being the best you can be.
I love that about you. You're a fighter I know we can agree.
I love you so much you're amazing to me.
You've helped people become themselves I hope you can see.
You have so much heart and soul, we needed a hero and then came you.
You've done amazing things and I'm so proud of you too.
You started as a hacker and then slowly rose to the top.
Everyday you save the world nonstop.
It must be exhausting but you always prevail.
Even when you're tired you never the world fail.
Stay strong and have faith that everything will turn out alright...
I know for sure that your future is bright.
for quake week
The pain of being ignored is too much to bear
I try to talk but no one wants to hear.
I hope one day someone will listen to me.
It's painful not being heard please see me I plea.
But alas! No one will.
So I have to endure the loneliness until my heart beats still.
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