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28/F/South Africa Cape Town    Eroticism, Philosophy, Pain, Death and Love I’m your drug. Subscribe to my YouTube channel: Kenji King_The Conscious Leader IG: Makeup_kenji_mua
60/M/Traverse City Mi.    Description are but endeavours of one’s ego to shine forth a grand illusion! We are but faces of god in a state of confusion!
Nicest Psycho. Edge lord of Shit mountain.
23/F/canada    I am home and all the warmth your withering heart longs for.
Monica Alvarez
20/F/Mnl., PH   
18/F/India    I 'm 16 years old. I like writing poem and want to improve it but i don't get time due to studies that's why i ...
Alex B
26/F/CA    "people start to heal the moment they feel heard"
17/F/India    I pen down my heart.
Sam H
21/F/Manila    what's a world without real thoughts?
i lost it all with my eyes wide open.
ali brown
20/F/lost and in love    a poet , an artist , a lover | follow me @ajb.writes and @goblin.girl on instagram
Andrew Guzaldo c
59/M/Las Vegas    Published BEST SELLER Author IMDB "The Loyal Disorder 1" and the "Ardor of a Poet "starting on my eighth novel "The Loyal Disorder 2" , ...
April Jean
F/Canada eh?    ~Twisting words, curving roads, my writing pencil will take me home.~
Sajini Israel
Sajini Israel is a writer and poet
Boygene Borice
22/M/Kenya    Words are life and life is words. I use words to invoke positive change. That's the greatest purpose, my life is entreated to. Art without ...
Mellow waves
19/F/Lebanon    Poetry and violin stole my heart from the very start! Also i’m a thalassophile.
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