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Sajini Israel May 2018
We once dined together on goodly tables
and laughed together at funny fables.

Me was 'us'
back then when the fields were green
Love was the boss
we cared not who was the lord
as long as he could our peace afford.

Time grew taller
and bonding cords grew shorter
our once glittering tables
Decomposed on beign fed upon by unhealthy fables.

Like little foxes
forces of grudges and sentiment arising from resentment crept in
and the bond we once shared was threatened.

Those cherished days are long forgotten
relics of our lost bond keep us hurting
A little 'sorry' would have let it go
but it wasn't in the tune of our ego.

Regrets like matchets cut our hearts deep leaving wounds that time's woo can't recuperate.
rays of hope
make us cope
knowing someday someway we'll return to the land
Where 'me was we' and 'his was us.'
A poem dedicated to all lost friendships and as many that will still be lost
Sajini Israel May 2018
Strings sting
Sticking feelings on eternities billboard
All roads leading to the altar
For comemoration of a promise made in thick and fulfilled when the chances looked slim.

'Can't be together'
Some said.
but forever didn't bother.
Cos fate had drawn the borders
knowing we were meant for each other.

How did we become lovers?
I need not know
Why u chose to wait
is still a source of debate

Carpets fell to the floor
Wow!they are red
Threadless needle
sew our hearts
as we exchanged vows crisply

Nuptial cords
soothing like piano chords
Hearty jingles
escaping from your dimples
Exchanging smiles
Cos now I can finally say you are 'mine.'

If I were you
You would be me
I don't need you
French says we are 'une'.
We have loved each other from our early teens
but each morning our love takes a new theme.

Heaven stunned by earth
Angels admiring lovebirds
Cos though we bound by eternal strings
We don't wish to be free
Confined in the cell:
You is me and I is you.
Dedicated to the nothern star #13/05/2018#
Sajini Israel May 2018
My ear itches
for those whispers
in the dark
Which once made me calm

Darkness was friendly back then
and reality was dreamy
Immortal lyrics
Played my soul like guitar strings
When wondering eyes jammed.

We were both young then and love was painted like Lions den.
But deep within we yearned for a song whose lyrics were as few as the stars in the milkyway,
but it's soothing surpassing ice in the desert.

Far apart I could still feel your hands in mine.
Far away I could still hear your songs rewind.
I'll keep sending you smiles across the miles hoping someday you would be mine.

My heart will still trickle from the grave when those wordings and melodies resonates in my ears 'I miss you'
Dedicated to the northern star
Sajini Israel May 2018
Awaiting coronation
Into Prince hood
dependent on you being my princess.
Searching for shelter in your heart
in exchange for you in mine.

wanting you not just for now,
but until every earthly grain is emptied in eternities hour glass.
'I do' will forever resound in my ears,
Millennias after its altar degenerates.

I hope when you think of me
Your heart flutters
and soul overflows with joy
that tongues can't mutter.

Beyond the bond 'eros'
I know you need a hero.

Bustled and bugged by a bustling world
we create our world
Whose name is 'Us'
filled with peace money can't afford
and gentility from an ever smiling hero.
Dedicated to the northern star
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
Boiling or freezing
I really can't tell
I just feel uneasy
Is it external or within?

I listen to blues
But it's still no substitute for you.
Admitting it is as difficult as wood,
But deep down you know
I miss you

I don't need you
for pleasure
Cos i know it'll torture.
Just walk by me,
Laugh at me and with me.

When holding on gives you more cuts than hugs
and you dim it feet to run for cure
Always do what's best for you
Though I might bleed
Joy stills flows from my bleeding septum
With the assurance of you being fine.

I ain't the best
am just a little different from the rest.
Choices better exist
for sure
I know your taste
I just talked with fate and He said:
'If you can wait
We'll be great'

We don't need to date
to feel loved
True love
grows from the seed of friendship.
I don't need to posses you to appreciate you.

In all I owe you all,
I wish you the best
Who'll give you rest.
If fate entwines our path
I would love you till forever comes
I would still love you if forever never comes.
Dedicated to the northern star.
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
Beautiful melodies
sounding like lullabies
sung by garnished beaks
hurrying across the sky

Wonder sprouts
as melodies fall.
roses smile
at incredible sights.

Quavering lips of mine
Spill words in time
'I love you please be mine'

Kneeling on one knee
blooming rose stretched by my hands.
Looking at my reflection
in the mirror of your eyes.

Mouth speaks,
making ripples
On eternities stream.

Would you sing for me
when my piano skills you no more feel?
Would you hold my hands
when I've lost my fans?
Would you be mine
till I can no more write?
Dedicated to.................................................
whom it concerns.
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
The moon calls my name
fate shivers in terror.
Is he now late
or is this a piece of horror?

Stormed by mind tapes
inscribed by good days.
Weights of shared affection and passion
are now buried in the sand of memories and imaginations.

The earth weeps,
as it is being whipped.
The world's greatest gift,
Is about to be enclosed in it.

Darkness embrace the earth,
Stings of viral sadness is felt.
Loved one's soaked in the river of tears,
My beloved Mom was drenched in the rain of fear.

As the earth opened it mouth,
Memories from good old days began to replay,
Of how we rushed home from school at the end of the day
to see your loving face.

Running back through time,
I recall how you answered many of our questions with just a stunning smile.
Turning back the wheels of the clock,
I am overwhelmed by the affection you showed your flocks.

Six feet down,
the heavens frown.
Hoping we meet again,
never to part again.

My tear filled soul can only say I MISS YOU.
Dedicated to the loving memories of my father Late Pastor Ejiro Sajini
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