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W Mar 8
I'm going have moments
Moments when I think about you
What I do without you

I'm going have moments.
Without you and for long and long
Its midnight

I've got some loose change
Spent it on a last drink
Like it was a time past two

But what are the moments
When everything comes crashing down
Rolling around
Tuck underneath these sheets
Was it never enough?
Or was it just good enough

So think about it about it
For a moment
For I'm going to have moments
When I think about you .
I'd die laughing about you .

Give me another chance would you
You know you do
So think about it it
A moment
Might need a moment
To think about you.  Before I might just puke nope

This moment could be the last one
I spent with you
I'm glad id share with you my hope .
. my dreams my sweet sweet Tennessee she my beauty

And if I didn't have that moment
That moment
I'd be lost but I'm glad I found you
Tell me what you think should I keep writing or drinking lol
W Oct 2019
It's dark
It's cold
It's smells like death
Dirt I suppose
And here I lay
Curious as can be , to venture forth
It Looks like my destiny
A light shines and I break this seed
But now im old
My energy depletes
Ah but I see
The last thing I see...
It's green...

Now the leaf to the branch to the
Rest of the tree..
The question here now is
Does the top leaf who shines and
See all that can be seen..

Does he or she remembers
That it started from me..
I mean seed?
Give it a shot I guess
W Oct 2019
I never had a problem taking a knee
Or lending a hand
I don't mind lifting you on my shoulders
Even if I can barely stand
I'll go on all 4 just for you to see above me
I'm only one person..  in fact!
just the same as you
So take my knee
Give you a boost
Take my hand and bite it for food
Drop your problems on my shoulders
So you can make it through
But before 4 I do
Three things.. is a gift to you
My mind
My body
My soul
To be all you can be

In service of other leads to greatness...

I wonder or I pray that maybe someone who walked over me would help me up.
But it's okay.
With greatness comes great sacrifice.

Yet I'm selfish for this service as it has been done before

Don't mean nothing
W Sep 2019
What don't you understand?
When I tell you not to worry about me
I am time
Time it's many things
Time will help you heal
Time will move
Time will remind you even help show you what to do
Time will even do it for you if you ask
Time will move on long after your gone

But time is like a mirror
It is in service of you
To assist you
But if you tell time to do nothing
Then time will just stop
I am time and you
Can be angry for it feels like I do nothing
But it's just what you asked for....
time is still
Time motionless
But ready

It is you for I'm a mirror
Without you... I'm just nothing...
Only to service you when you ask
Nothing more
Nothing less
Just time

From W
I wonder if anyone every actually reads these... Maybe leave a comment give me something to do
W Jul 2019
Fighting over nothing ...  Eh wrong
When you think you have something
Then you fight ..
Eh sure.. better that nothing

1. Making something out of nothing
That is not something to fight over
But something to fight for
2. Might be right
(3*)Making nothing into something
And fighting together

To make nothing into something
That is a life worth living for

That's everything I think that might
Change a thing..
Someday into to
Step 1
3  - 3rd Rock from from the sun.
Say Cheese!!! :)
This message is brought to you by abc , 123
(Fill in ____ ) <-- blank) whatever you believe you might send me a message to help answer your prayers *cough I mean question
W Jul 2019
What do you mean
Read between the lines?
I don't understand what it's suppose to mean
She said one thing and means another?
Buzz.. text message...
I try to search the meaning
And the deeper I try to understand
What does she mean?
I tried to search the codes
Torah code
But she (blanks) on me
Like have you gone insane?
I just don't understand
Why the deeper
I dig the
Further you leave
How far between the lines do you want me to see..
The codes 123 is the entrance to my keep
Literally 3... Left to see in July ...

To love to see you in July
W Jun 2019
Shredded boxes
Crippled noises
Tearing of tissues
Crumpling of paper

As I lose all sight of happiness...
If this is anger I feel
I hate it I truly do
I'd crumble it up beside you
With my number kinda looks like the moon

All the words that were written .. torn to shreds
Lost in the abyss
Finally it's done forever

With the recycling
She's all done

But they will become something new
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