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1.4k · Mar 2019
Bones Mar 2019
No one wants damaged goods,
No one wants broken love,
No one wants you if you cry.

Barbie doll,
Why are your eyes swollen?
Your cheeks are stained dear
Mascara can’t mask your sadness
People only play with you
Then break you

Barbie doll,
Why are you crying?
Your boy is calling
Answer him you’re clearly dying,
Girly girl live your purpose
Or is that just your coverup?

Barbie girl,
You’re in your plastic world,
Why do you cry
If you’re so perfect?

Perfect people are the same as us
Bones of beauty
Don’t change us,
Prejudice is the same as lying
Barbie girl is just being
Barbie Girl
1.2k · Mar 2019
Bones Mar 2019
Indecisive about love
Indecisive about life
Indecisive about them
Indecisive about friends
Indecisive about fate
Indecisive about myself
644 · Mar 2019
Bones Mar 2019
Banana bana
Bananas banana bana
Bananas bananas bananas
Bana ba bananas
Ba ban ban bananas
532 · Dec 2021
Bones Dec 2021
how does he walk away blame free
with no cares and worries
a being in world of dystopian rule
a destroyer
a narcissist
a human
a father
524 · Feb 2019
Bones Feb 2019
I have never seen someone care about me
I’ve never seen someone see me
I’ve never seen someone long for me
Until I  met my friends
They care for me
479 · Feb 2020
nonexistent valentine
Bones Feb 2020
what would I do
to say that someone is mine
while all i have is my
Nonexistent valentine
days go quicker
and memories fade
time go faster
and love comes
and goes so honestly
i'd prefer to stay alone
and live with my
Nonexistent valentine
379 · Apr 2019
Bones Apr 2019
Don’t worry, my tears aren’t for you
I’m not crying over this place
Simply because you’re leaving
Isn’t the reason that I’m crying
379 · Dec 2019
I can't help
Bones Dec 2019
I guess one look was all it took,
to make me fall in love with you,
but i can't handle this right now,
because i'm too busy to love you,
But i can't help, steal looks at you,
I can't help but think about you,
I can't help loving you,
A little ago, i felt my heart grow,
and I know you're the reason for it,
I can't help it,
But, i'm so scared, to support and ask you
Over there, i don't you to not like me...
360 · Mar 2019
Plastic is love
Bones Mar 2019
Plastic is love,
Never unbreakable,
so unfair,
Never your own

Love isn’t pure,
Neither kind,
As it breaks hearts
of good intentions

Maybe I never saw,
Acts of pure devotion
Maybe I will never
Feel feelings of splendor

Plastic is love,
Never so sweet,
Nor kind or decent,
So fearful,
Never your own
352 · Feb 2020
sat here waiting
Bones Feb 2020
sat alone waiting for a sign
holding on to you
simply following along
don't leave me alone too
and you said it,
"Leave me alone, just leave you pest"
and so i stood there
crying in silence
bleeding out feelings
standing down
falling on the floor
giving you all i needed
left here dead
bleed out my heart
289 · Feb 2019
There was
Bones Feb 2019
There was a time,
when everyone was innocent
No one had a crime,
or a sin
There was a place,
where everyone was ideal
No one had flaws,
or personality
That’s gone now,
Thank god for that
I would have never met her,
If it wasn’t for that.
282 · Apr 2019
Snake names
Bones Apr 2019
Oof im getting a snake any name suggestions?
Its time
276 · Dec 2019
a moment
Bones Dec 2019
i need a moment of your time,
just a moment, nothing more
i need opinions on how to change,
even if i don't need to
i want help, if i need it
if i don't see it, help me
if i fall, i don't want to not even try
275 · Dec 2019
Bones Dec 2019
i wear a mask
sometimes smiling,
sometimes frowning,
but i always wear a mask
pale and refined
straight and even
i play a role
of unimportance
to some im special
to others not
but at least i mean something
even if its fake
242 · Mar 2019
Just a girl
Bones Mar 2019
I’m just a girl
Who has many flaws
I’m not flawless
And I know I’ll never be perfect
238 · Mar 2019
Bones Mar 2019
Time has forever,
I don’t agree with that
And if then I do have forever
I will clearly love it
For you will be with me
236 · Jun 2019
Of what?
Bones Jun 2019
“It was only one night”
One night of what?
Pain, suffering and hate combined?
“Just a bit more”
A bit more of what?
My blood, tears, and sweat together?
222 · Dec 2018
Bones Dec 2018
A world of information
Creating a false nation
Of people with no thoughts
And lies are all caught
Things are nonexistent
And my feelings distant
The one thing all can hear
The one thing thats baiting
The last heaving breathe
217 · Feb 2020
feel alive
Bones Feb 2020
my glass is clear
i want to fill my bottle
my life is half full
half full or half empty
whether or not
is does i'll decide
if i want to live
and die inside
or fall alone
and feel alive
217 · Jan 2020
Bones Jan 2020
give me a smile, give me a grin,
give me a happy meaning, even in the end
as i can't help but die inside
even if you stare at me,
i won't care
as i feel fine,
i feel great,
can't keep me down
i'm gonna raise the stakes,
so just follow me,
i'm gonna shine, brighter than the stars
if i can stand, then i can fall,
but if i fall i'm gonna shine bright still
as you can't hit me
i'm gonna shine like a star
remember when i was positive, yeah i dont. this is a draft from frickin 2018 its been 2 years since ive seen it
208 · Apr 2019
Bones Apr 2019
Put a gun barrel to my head,
I'd sell my soul for you
Pull me down, to the depths
Shoot me with all your anger
205 · Feb 2020
Bones Feb 2020
finally broken
finally alone
finally gone away
finally stayed down
finally down on the ground
finally stable but im not
finally gone away again
just stay away now
don't break me more
i'm already cracked
and shattered
191 · Sep 2020
Bones Sep 2020
i've noticed how sad i've become
i wouldn't tell my family
nor my friends
since everything is happening to them
It's my sister's birthday today,
why aren't i happy for her?
when i'm suppose to be so plentiful with joy
I used to be shining with happiness
now i'm just dull with nothingness
190 · Apr 2019
R and L
Bones Apr 2019
Rhetorically I love her
Logically I hate her
189 · Apr 2021
Quand je me réveille
Bones Apr 2021
Tu restes avec moi quand je suis malade
avec tes cheveux drapés comme des rideaux
les lèvres peintes en rouge comme des roses sur la table
tu t'es couchée avec moi, les bras enroulés autour de moi
ton souffle sur mon épaule
et ton cœur dans mes paumes sèches
tu m'as donné chaque partie de toi
ton amour, ton corps, ton âme, ta vie...
"tout ce que tu veux dans le monde, je te le donnerai"
tu m'as parlé en silence
mais quand je me réveille,
les fleurs rouges vibrantes sont fanées
tes marques ont disparu
les draps sont neufs et propres
et je pleure
182 · Mar 2019
Bones Mar 2019

Love the

Yes I did
                                             FOR HER
Owo what’s the purpose of this?
180 · Mar 2021
Bones Mar 2021
20 by 20
16 by 16
12 by 12
heart by mind
hand by head
lips by cheeks
eyes by eyes
8 by 8
4 by 4
0 by 0
179 · Jan 2020
Bones Jan 2020
I thought i saw a piece of heaven,
but that was just a dream
i thought you cared about others
but maybe you do it for you
loyalty has no bounds, they say
but what happened to you
your wings are burnt and soiled
with deaths that were not your fault
your halo is cracked and dim
with shadows that overtake you
how did you fall down here
where hate grows like weeds
why did try to save us
when we are unclean
angel who falled to save us
give them back their wings
though they are not perfect
they mean everything to me
177 · Dec 2019
Forty-five minutes
Bones Dec 2019
I guess starlight doesn’t work
The moon is shattered
And the stars die out
Forty-five minutes of sleep
Is how much I get each night
Never a minute more or minute less
176 · Apr 2019
Bones Apr 2019
Thus I lie down in the ocean
Waves of cool roaring almightly
Caressing me is the sea
174 · Jan 2019
Look At Us
Bones Jan 2019
Look at us
Fragile as glass
And cowardly as rabbits
Look at us
Lifeless faces of regret
Souls of black and gray
Look at us
Finding no reason
And hurting ourselves
Look at us
Idiotic humans
Of flesh and blood
Look at us
We aren’t immortal
We can’t protect ourselves
Look at us
Look at yourself
What do you see
Underneath your skin
And inside your conscious
What do you see?
172 · Aug 2019
Every Day
Bones Aug 2019
Every day is the same,
Flourish, burn, and hide away
Dancing in the pale light
No I won’t sleep tonight
171 · Mar 2019
They say
Bones Mar 2019
They say you can smell lemons before death
But I smell lemons everyday

They say friends are forever
But friends always leave

They say that lies are a sin
But they save feelings

They say that love is pure
But love is always *****

They say that you can smell lemons before death
But I smell lemons everyday
162 · Mar 2019
Deal with the devil
Bones Mar 2019
Blooming flowers painted red
Knife blooded with poetry
Mind your own head
You’re heading south
Deals with the devil
Never end well
158 · Dec 2019
Guilty (a rant poem)
Bones Dec 2019
I wish i could just let it out, all my fears are just crystalized inside me
My sentences are longer, words shorter, the length doesn't matter
I hold my breathe, take it in, the scene before me happening again
I leave quickly, my heart beating, my fear raising, my hands shaking
I want to forget seeing that, suffering on another's hand, a red spot
On the cheek of someone who wants to forget, I want to forget
I don't want the bonds of society holding me down, nor the words
I don't want the judge to look at me and say "guilty" to my face
I stand in winter, stand in ice, in the frost crawling up, freezing me
To this place I stand, alone and cold, frightened of what's ahead,
I can't go home, as i don't know where it is anymore, i'm alone
I sit on a staircase outside an apartment, sidewalk barren
Cars brushing by, quick and heavy, one step and the end of my story
I don't want to die, but i don't want to live, can't you understand?
And if i ever take that stand, in front of that judge to say my part,
What would i ever say, what would i ever do, if its my crime,
but if it's not my crime entirely, taking the stand as alone as ever,
My partner gone, the room empty, just the judge and me, alone then
So if that judge does look at me and says "innocent", what would i do
Would i just go free, back to plain ,back to normal, and idiotic sayings
I hope not, because, I am guilty as everyone else is, of pain and lies
Blood and sweat, tears strolling down, feeling emotionless,
We have all felt that moment, of all these combined,
My fears are shared by society, shredded by people, laughed at
I'm scared of myself, being myself, look at others with complete truth
So i will never raise my hand, i won't speak or lie or care,
because my fear is just too great, my life is just too small
It's so small, so incomplete, i feel so gone, so alone
Standing on the sidewalk, moving slow and mournful,
reaching the edge, the curve, the *****, the mountain to climb
If i step into the lane, the cars, would i be forgotten, like others
Would i be like the rain that comes down and ,we notice it sure,
But forget what it gives us, would i just be the puddle after
would i be an ad in the newspaper claiming a sad tale,
I'd just be a story to tell to people about the community,
Forgotten like half of history, lied about by people who didn't know
I'd be just a story afterwards, but if i turn and walk down the street
Would i ever succeed at something, make my way to the courthouse
and say to that judge on the podium, "You don't get to decide"
what would happen, to me, to others, to us as people entirely,
And so i walk on, sludging through everyday life, concerned
Yes, i may trip and stay down for a few minutes,
but i will get up and walk on until i get to that courthouse,
And am able to say my piece to the judge
as we all are the problem
and i would say,
"Judge, we are all guilty"
wow look a vent poem thing
155 · Apr 2019
Bones Apr 2019
Bumblebee on the wind,
Flying away to places
I’ve never been
Flourish in life,
Flourish in love,
You’ll have more chances
Than I’ll ever dream of
153 · Apr 2019
My wings
Bones Apr 2019
My wings are clipped,
My freedom up and gone,
But my flame hasnt burned out yet
And i will keep it close
Until my fires grown
152 · Apr 2019
Bones Apr 2019
I’m drowning in a small room
Walls closing in on me
I used to love this place
Now it’s a prison
Of love and hate
You’re the poison in my bones
You’re the glue holding me together
But you left me alone
And I fell apart
No solutions
I feel so
151 · Apr 2019
Bones Apr 2019
I don't expect you to understand
I don't agree with what you're saying
I dont like you, so let me be
Why aren't you fricking talking me?
149 · Jun 2019
I live in
Bones Jun 2019
The waters I live in
Drown me
The land I grow in
Buried me
The fire I was made in
Burned all my sanity away
146 · Dec 2019
Bones Dec 2019
I feel so stable
but i know it won't last
I keep my arms out
for balance alone
I'm trying to grab on
to keep myself still
I'm on this rope
above everyone else
and if i fall
ill be alone
144 · Jan 2020
Bones Jan 2020
Well know one has to know,
what i dropped down the fountain,
no one has to see my crimes against humanity,
and they will never found out
if you are loyal to me,
trust me, i'll set you free,
and you and me will fly away,
just you and me

laying down in ***** sheets,
memories of broken dreams
Have no thoughts, i'm incomplete
i'm trying to hold on,
falling down in my fountain,
no one knows what happened.
running down the riverbend,
i wished this would never end,

quickly down the fountains walls,
mossy vines cascading,
water up to my feet,
can't feel anything,

Down the fountain, i fall for you,
want to fall down, into the water
on my knees, grabbing to something,
i'm drowning in your fountain
we love gettin' feelings
138 · Feb 2019
Rumor has it
Bones Feb 2019
Rumor has it that you betrayed me
Rumor has it that you used me
Rumor has it that you’re a liar
Rumor has it that your dad left
Rumor has it that it was your fault
Rumor has it——
They’re lies
Rumors are rumors
And nothing else
Don’t let others
Infect you
With vile poison
In words and actions
Believe me
Oof I wrote all of these over the weekend and I’m just now postin them.
I have a horrid memory.
138 · Mar 2019
Bones Mar 2019
Botching people is a girl’s daily life
Cutting open friendship and the lying
Don’t trust a person who’s kissing a**
They’re  just lying till you pass
Then they go and normal
Until they spread the lies you told
134 · Mar 2019
Fear alone
Bones Mar 2019
A angel crying is a sight to see
For they barely feel mortality
Their wings are white
Until bloodied with
Fear alone
That can cause
Ultimate destruction
129 · Feb 2020
You are hiding
Bones Feb 2020
in the mid of night
no one says anything
could you pay the price
would you sell anything
to get them back
to where they came
would fly or die
in the wrath of gods
there is no mercy
hide your feelings
hide your friends
hide your family
from everything
around your town
you are leaving
you are fighting
you are losing
everything tonight
127 · Mar 2019
We don’t
Bones Mar 2019
What are we made of
Except fear and pride
While we just wanna go above
We just make our lies hide
Our lives are made up in our minds
Machines are a better word
For us, we have to read in the lines
And maybe we have to fly like a bird
Free and not tied down
Truth we need, help is close
We don’t need to be hounded
We just need love the most
126 · Feb 2019
Bones Feb 2019
Le vert des arbres
Et le village de white
Fruits Rouges
Et la lune si lumineux

Dites-moi, la Colombe de la nuit
Ce rêve inconnu je pense
Je veux atteindre la hauteur de la montagne
Mais avec mon doute
Je ne sais pas comment

Les lumières dans le village
Brille comme des étoiles
J'aimerais pouvoir en allumer un aussi.

Je veux être accepté
Je veux apprendre les bonnes manières.
Mais avec tout ça ensemble
Je ne vais jamais le faire.
ok we had some problems. But now it’s fixed. XD
124 · Dec 2019
Bones Dec 2019
I'd like to think that i wasn't blocked out
Whatever i do someone will disagree
and i understand that completely
but the only thing i don't understand
is how someone can injure another so easily?
110 · Mar 2019
Bones Mar 2019
Life is a road, rocky and unstable
Roadsides are filled with people unmoving
Sacrifices lead to 2 sided paths
One for angelic peace
Other for devilish beauty
Unless we think
Not to go forward
Unless we think
To go backwards
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