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Bones Dec 2021
As nail picks skin away
and my thoughts consume me
i remember a faint, but haunted memory

One of childhood, bitter yet calm
with a tv lit up, commercials all drawn
and people advertising this and that
but my attention was only on the cat

The cat jumped high, and jumped low
The cat did flips, and rolled so slow
The cat grinned, and flipped an ear
said "Come here child, and listen here"

The cat told me tales, of people and beings
so real and honest
it felt like it wasn't dreaming

but mom came in and sat down again
and the cat went back to his actions again.
Bones Dec 2021
Look at you, young thing

cracked skin with string

hanging between wounds

covering stitches with fabric

and hoping scrying eyes don't see

but they do see

they want to see

they want to help, kid

let them help
Bones Dec 2021
how does he walk away blame free
with no cares and worries
a being in world of dystopian rule
a destroyer
a narcissist
a human
a father
Bones Apr 2021
You stay with me when I'm sick
with your hair draped like curtains
lips painted red like roses on the table
you lay down with me with your arms wrapped around me
your breath on my shoulder
and your heart in my dry palms
you gave me every part of you
your love, your body, your soul, your life ...
"whatever you want in the world, I'll give it to you"
you spoke to me in silence
but when I wake up
vibrant red flowers are withered
your marks have disappeared
the sheets are new and clean
and i cry
Bones Apr 2021
Tu restes avec moi quand je suis malade
avec tes cheveux drapés comme des rideaux
les lèvres peintes en rouge comme des roses sur la table
tu t'es couchée avec moi, les bras enroulés autour de moi
ton souffle sur mon épaule
et ton cœur dans mes paumes sèches
tu m'as donné chaque partie de toi
ton amour, ton corps, ton âme, ta vie...
"tout ce que tu veux dans le monde, je te le donnerai"
tu m'as parlé en silence
mais quand je me réveille,
les fleurs rouges vibrantes sont fanées
tes marques ont disparu
les draps sont neufs et propres
et je pleure
Bones Mar 2021
20 by 20
16 by 16
12 by 12
heart by mind
hand by head
lips by cheeks
eyes by eyes
8 by 8
4 by 4
0 by 0
Bones Mar 2021
a person can never be perfect
as much as we try we will fail
failure over and over
over and over
until a human is not left
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