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Dec 2021 · 37
The Cat
Bones Dec 2021
As nail picks skin away
and my thoughts consume me
i remember a faint, but haunted memory

One of childhood, bitter yet calm
with a tv lit up, commercials all drawn
and people advertising this and that
but my attention was only on the cat

The cat jumped high, and jumped low
The cat did flips, and rolled so slow
The cat grinned, and flipped an ear
said "Come here child, and listen here"

The cat told me tales, of people and beings
so real and honest
it felt like it wasn't dreaming

but mom came in and sat down again
and the cat went back to his actions again.
Dec 2021 · 55
Bones Dec 2021
Look at you, young thing

cracked skin with string

hanging between wounds

covering stitches with fabric

and hoping scrying eyes don't see

but they do see

they want to see

they want to help, kid

let them help
Dec 2021 · 532
Bones Dec 2021
how does he walk away blame free
with no cares and worries
a being in world of dystopian rule
a destroyer
a narcissist
a human
a father
Apr 2021 · 42
When I wake up
Bones Apr 2021
You stay with me when I'm sick
with your hair draped like curtains
lips painted red like roses on the table
you lay down with me with your arms wrapped around me
your breath on my shoulder
and your heart in my dry palms
you gave me every part of you
your love, your body, your soul, your life ...
"whatever you want in the world, I'll give it to you"
you spoke to me in silence
but when I wake up
vibrant red flowers are withered
your marks have disappeared
the sheets are new and clean
and i cry
Apr 2021 · 189
Quand je me réveille
Bones Apr 2021
Tu restes avec moi quand je suis malade
avec tes cheveux drapés comme des rideaux
les lèvres peintes en rouge comme des roses sur la table
tu t'es couchée avec moi, les bras enroulés autour de moi
ton souffle sur mon épaule
et ton cœur dans mes paumes sèches
tu m'as donné chaque partie de toi
ton amour, ton corps, ton âme, ta vie...
"tout ce que tu veux dans le monde, je te le donnerai"
tu m'as parlé en silence
mais quand je me réveille,
les fleurs rouges vibrantes sont fanées
tes marques ont disparu
les draps sont neufs et propres
et je pleure
Mar 2021 · 180
Bones Mar 2021
20 by 20
16 by 16
12 by 12
heart by mind
hand by head
lips by cheeks
eyes by eyes
8 by 8
4 by 4
0 by 0
Mar 2021 · 87
Never Perfect
Bones Mar 2021
a person can never be perfect
as much as we try we will fail
failure over and over
over and over
until a human is not left
Mar 2021 · 38
Love is love
Bones Mar 2021
love is love
and people always want love
but horrid are the repercussions
if one loves too much
or if one loves too little
people forget that love makes horrors
heartbreak, depression, anxiety, fears
love creates many emotions
positive and negative
love comes with rules
never lie
never cheat
never leave
but some still do
they say love has no bounds
but love does
love has many
fighting, screaming, cuddling, laughing
love has many forms
many forms, that take all beings
touch, hearing, passion, sparks
people will always want love
it's natural
but love is not always good
as it is not always bad
love is love
and that's all there is
Mar 2021 · 30
Life's good
Bones Mar 2021
cherry pies with cream
life's feeling like a dream
sun hot, day's long
let's just relax
don't care
who's there
on the way to no towns
hot ****, bad *****
feeling so nice
wishing this would never end
Oct 2020 · 55
For I
Bones Oct 2020
with my rights being taken away
how am i supposed to react
do you want me to heel and beg like a dog
sit at your feet and whine,
while you beat me with that bat of yours that you call faith
you call my pain justice for my crimes
what crimes you ask
the crime of loving another, the crime of standing up for others
the crime of living, for the facts
the crime that I have a ****** and control my body
for you don't like the idea of me being as able as you to stand my ground
for i am a woman, and you think i am weak
for i love my own gender, then i am committing sins
for wanting my rights, i am emotional
for just wanting to love, others are killed
ah ha ha
Sep 2020 · 46
Not a poem
Bones Sep 2020
looks like i'm back, huh? Back to my safe space. lovely to see everyone again.
Sep 2020 · 105
Bones Sep 2020
Some will say
"Get over it"
"Nothing happened"
"It wasn't that bad"
but it was
and they will never understand
Sep 2020 · 62
I Used To
Bones Sep 2020
I used to grow flowers
I used to grow roses and violets
I used to grow flowers

I used to grow compassion
I used to grow calm and serene
I used to grow positivity

I used to grow myself
I used to focus on others and themselves
I used to grow friendship

I am growing deceit
I am growing water filled lungs and shaking hearts
I am growing negativity
Sep 2020 · 42
I'm in love with a ghost
Bones Sep 2020
I'm in love with a ghost,
not of someone or a thing
but of myself
I'm in the love with the ghost of who i used to be
who used to bring smiles on people's faces
who used to comfort them
who used to protect them from themselves
who used to love me
I'm in love with a ghost
but she is long gone
Sep 2020 · 191
Bones Sep 2020
i've noticed how sad i've become
i wouldn't tell my family
nor my friends
since everything is happening to them
It's my sister's birthday today,
why aren't i happy for her?
when i'm suppose to be so plentiful with joy
I used to be shining with happiness
now i'm just dull with nothingness
Sep 2020 · 48
Bones Sep 2020
nothing is important anymore
i just want to be gone
Jun 2020 · 49
Bones Jun 2020
I wish it was 2019 again
when we all had worries
that were simple as pie
and we didn't have to stay inside
i've started to miss my friends and family
but i can't leave this enforced policy
i want back outside
without the riots and gassing
we are peaceful, we keep demanding
lives are lives
but then again
i kinda just wish
it was 2019 again
Mar 2020 · 78
Bones Mar 2020
They're just playing with me,
heart and everything
pulling on strings
they tell me
"gimme more gimme more"
as they brush against my arms
and hold my calves down
while i'm stating
"no more, baby, can't hold on anymore"
they tell me they want me,
but to another when
i can't be there
am i really your love
or just a doll to play with
and pull around
just for fun?
Bones Feb 2020
I wear bright colors to feel noticed
I wear clothes to cover up things people don't like
I wear things that I want to wear.
Sheer, ripped and beautiful
Feb 2020 · 65
Bones Feb 2020
what happened to the party
flashing lights and broken glass
we keep it a secret
down the pathways that we came
sparkling dress and dripping chains
nobody knows us
beds empty for the days,
holding onto the velvet bars
clinging on people we know
neon signs light our way
shaking ourselves off every time
when we go home
we feel empty
till the party comes again
Feb 2020 · 72
Bones Feb 2020
I can't hold it together
any longer and i'll break again
i'm gonna fail, we all know
that i'm just a mistake
i'm falling down
into the unknown
as i fall, i see your face
and know its going to be ok
but the stone walls, cave in
and tumble over
down on my knees,
all i can say is
"don't leave me please"
Feb 2020 · 53
Bones Feb 2020
I'm going insane on this
holding in things that i miss
never admitting to anything incriminating
nothing can stop me now
but as i dream on
with a needle in my arm
i'll just focus on you

to bury this love
is to sacrifice
but still i make the choice
to stick in the pain
and the inducing nightmares
take over as i sleep

but it worth it
to do things in the light of moons
and the caves of crystals that i dream of
and the habits that i have
just hold on me

lacing me with poison
do anything to help
but you do nothing
you just look at me

burning symbols into my skin
you left me burning with my life
and i barely did anything while i was alive
just hold onto me
till my last breathe please
Feb 2020 · 129
You are hiding
Bones Feb 2020
in the mid of night
no one says anything
could you pay the price
would you sell anything
to get them back
to where they came
would fly or die
in the wrath of gods
there is no mercy
hide your feelings
hide your friends
hide your family
from everything
around your town
you are leaving
you are fighting
you are losing
everything tonight
Feb 2020 · 352
sat here waiting
Bones Feb 2020
sat alone waiting for a sign
holding on to you
simply following along
don't leave me alone too
and you said it,
"Leave me alone, just leave you pest"
and so i stood there
crying in silence
bleeding out feelings
standing down
falling on the floor
giving you all i needed
left here dead
bleed out my heart
Feb 2020 · 205
Bones Feb 2020
finally broken
finally alone
finally gone away
finally stayed down
finally down on the ground
finally stable but im not
finally gone away again
just stay away now
don't break me more
i'm already cracked
and shattered
Feb 2020 · 479
nonexistent valentine
Bones Feb 2020
what would I do
to say that someone is mine
while all i have is my
Nonexistent valentine
days go quicker
and memories fade
time go faster
and love comes
and goes so honestly
i'd prefer to stay alone
and live with my
Nonexistent valentine
Feb 2020 · 217
feel alive
Bones Feb 2020
my glass is clear
i want to fill my bottle
my life is half full
half full or half empty
whether or not
is does i'll decide
if i want to live
and die inside
or fall alone
and feel alive
Feb 2020 · 57
Bones Feb 2020
Her hair turns brown during the spring
her eyes are still ocean blue
she expresses her emotions to me
she is so special
why can't she notice it too
she look so perfect to me
we facetimed last Tuesday night
for hours at a time
she looked so good,
with her natural love on
she's so special to me
why can't she see it too
I really really want her to
Feb 2020 · 60
is ok to me
Bones Feb 2020
stars fall apart, and i want to fall
if i go to Mars, will my gravity hold me still
tie a rope around my waist
let me float in outer space
i wish to be like a supernova
i want to be a known person
but i'll disappear
almost immediately
so i guess
earth is ok to me
Feb 2020 · 67
Bones Feb 2020
As the bells rang across the land
and people fell down on knees
He took them by the hand
and stood them up
and the declared
"Oh you are free, hallelujah"
with ****** swords on the ground
and hands of guilt all around
they stood and said to the rest
but with power given back to them
one stood alone and spoke
"how do you trust them"
"we don't even know them"
he shouted and stood his ground
before looking at the battleground
and he rang his warsong bells
above everything he lost that day
he stared out at the men stilled
and he stopped and said
with people freed and war derailed
everyone just sang out
Jan 2020 · 88
Bones Jan 2020
i think she's as sweet as boba,
a calming breeze
she is just there for me,
shes's as pretty as a poppy
bright as day,
like a star thats far away,
i can't hold her
since she went away
when she used to hold me
i felt so light and happy
but she left
and left me alone
the reason why
i won't love again
Jan 2020 · 65
Bones Jan 2020
clauses of cold cases
and deaths deemed done
hidden clues closed down
murders never solved
yet we focus on what happened
but we do not know the struth
Jan 2020 · 57
Hold your heart
Bones Jan 2020
in my hands i can hold
only a few items
but will you give me
the thing i want most
can i hold your heart
Jan 2020 · 179
Bones Jan 2020
I thought i saw a piece of heaven,
but that was just a dream
i thought you cared about others
but maybe you do it for you
loyalty has no bounds, they say
but what happened to you
your wings are burnt and soiled
with deaths that were not your fault
your halo is cracked and dim
with shadows that overtake you
how did you fall down here
where hate grows like weeds
why did try to save us
when we are unclean
angel who falled to save us
give them back their wings
though they are not perfect
they mean everything to me
Jan 2020 · 62
Double sided
Bones Jan 2020
Genetics code only our body
our personalities are based on society
they said we make the choices
the facts we make ourselves
developing nature over maturity
making children conform to simplicity
difficult parts of our lives, made to seem false
our truths have been twisted to see fake
scars are just temporary, but that's just a lie
changing ourselves for others
building ourselves into molds
we are born to fit in
forced to confine to small boxes
and broken bottle tops
stable is a word to describe torture
as everyday we spin a tale
of how we are feeling so great
of how our lives are going perfect
isn't it fun to lie
about everything
welcome to reality
to all the fake faces
and repressed emotions
welcome to the war
inside ourselves
Jan 2020 · 60
others before myself
Bones Jan 2020
feeling obsessive over myself,
i don't have time for anyone else,
can't i feel anything else,
what can i do to help out,
i put others before myself,
way too much, and i hurt myself
i'm becoming unstable,
even though i do everything else
Jan 2020 · 98
Stay here alone
Bones Jan 2020
What happened to my mind,
when did i fall down below,
how did i not realize,
that you are leaving me
to stay here alone
Jan 2020 · 85
Bones Jan 2020
they give us some titles to represent us
stereotypes to build ourselves into
yet you have given me more to see
less to eat, less to explain, less to say
control me, use me, do whatever
i will never build into a stereotype forever
Jan 2020 · 63
"don't hurt them"
Bones Jan 2020
no bounds on humanity
and i can cry
"don't hurt them"
as loud as i want
but no one will respond
Jan 2020 · 144
Bones Jan 2020
Well know one has to know,
what i dropped down the fountain,
no one has to see my crimes against humanity,
and they will never found out
if you are loyal to me,
trust me, i'll set you free,
and you and me will fly away,
just you and me

laying down in ***** sheets,
memories of broken dreams
Have no thoughts, i'm incomplete
i'm trying to hold on,
falling down in my fountain,
no one knows what happened.
running down the riverbend,
i wished this would never end,

quickly down the fountains walls,
mossy vines cascading,
water up to my feet,
can't feel anything,

Down the fountain, i fall for you,
want to fall down, into the water
on my knees, grabbing to something,
i'm drowning in your fountain
we love gettin' feelings
Jan 2020 · 217
Bones Jan 2020
give me a smile, give me a grin,
give me a happy meaning, even in the end
as i can't help but die inside
even if you stare at me,
i won't care
as i feel fine,
i feel great,
can't keep me down
i'm gonna raise the stakes,
so just follow me,
i'm gonna shine, brighter than the stars
if i can stand, then i can fall,
but if i fall i'm gonna shine bright still
as you can't hit me
i'm gonna shine like a star
remember when i was positive, yeah i dont. this is a draft from frickin 2018 its been 2 years since ive seen it
Jan 2020 · 50
New Year
Bones Jan 2020
I'm feeling entangled, snared by the life.
I can't see to breathe, even though i have the breath to,
I want to become somebody else, even though it's a new year,
I can't help but seem so down, so low.
I don't want to be here, but i need to stay here for them.
them isn't a person who i can feel,
it's the person inside who doesn't want to give up,
i don't have much this year,
just a lot of untangled fear
Dec 2019 · 57
Down the River
Bones Dec 2019
with the year ending,
i have a confession,
what do i really want in life,
keep me steady, rowing this boat,
down the river, keeping me afloat,
lift me up, reel me in again and again,
keep me up, i am not steady again,
i'm peaking on adrenaline,
down the river, over the ocean,
i don't want to drown today, so
lift me up, keep afloat
don't let me fall down,
patch the holes, in this ship,
that i call home,
make me smile, and make me cheer,
for what i've got to give,
so i can't row myself around this bend,
i want to soar, like the sea birds
don't let me swim with sharks,
until i've spend my all,
don't let me drown again,
and wallow in my tears,
just lift me up, keep me afloat
and keep me rowing down the riverbend
so lift me up, until my untimely end
Dec 2019 · 61
Friend of mine
Bones Dec 2019
can i not just get away,
from the looks that you play
I can't help but stare,
as you leave me for them,
what did i do wrong,
friend of mine,
what did i say to hurt you,
was it really my fault,
when you asked me my opinion,
others are different, and so are mine,
what did i do wrong,
friend of mine,
was that day that i left town to see you,
and crashed the car,
i thought we laughed about that,
friend of mine,
what did do wrong,
friend of mine,
what was my crime, against you
was my duties wrong, was i at fault,
what did i do to lose you,
friend of mine,
i thought we would be together forever
friends may end with 'end'
but i don't want it to,
friend of mine,
what can i do,
because whatever i did wrong
i'll make it up to you
Dec 2019 · 56
Fly away dear
Bones Dec 2019
I want to fly away, farther than anyone,
quicker than a bullet, in the bright summer sun,
but they keep me down to Earth,
hidden by the atmosphere,
why i can't i fly away with them,
away with my dear,
I keep holding on to a person who is gone,
i keep trying to rekindle what is forever gone,
but if i try then maybe they will come back to me
possibly, only maybe, they will love me
Dec 2019 · 58
Bones Dec 2019
I'm questioning my sanity
questioning me,
questioning why i like this person
I like them for hopes and personality,
not for their looks and beauty,
she likes to dress up as other people,
and go party with her friends,
but i'm always here when she comes back,
and the cycle starts again
Dec 2019 · 54
Bones Dec 2019
Deep inside another level, my character swings a sword
of bravery and hope, death to the dark that scorns us,
while some might run and hide away, from this adventure
I wish to stay and fight another battle, to help save the day
I wear armor of some degree, of steel and golden chivalry,
Walking along a path of stone, untold and unconfined  
as weary as i am, and how sore i am, but can hold me back
as i am a soldier, to fight my own battles and protect those can't
I am a warrior for peace and hope, something i don't know about
Dec 2019 · 158
Guilty (a rant poem)
Bones Dec 2019
I wish i could just let it out, all my fears are just crystalized inside me
My sentences are longer, words shorter, the length doesn't matter
I hold my breathe, take it in, the scene before me happening again
I leave quickly, my heart beating, my fear raising, my hands shaking
I want to forget seeing that, suffering on another's hand, a red spot
On the cheek of someone who wants to forget, I want to forget
I don't want the bonds of society holding me down, nor the words
I don't want the judge to look at me and say "guilty" to my face
I stand in winter, stand in ice, in the frost crawling up, freezing me
To this place I stand, alone and cold, frightened of what's ahead,
I can't go home, as i don't know where it is anymore, i'm alone
I sit on a staircase outside an apartment, sidewalk barren
Cars brushing by, quick and heavy, one step and the end of my story
I don't want to die, but i don't want to live, can't you understand?
And if i ever take that stand, in front of that judge to say my part,
What would i ever say, what would i ever do, if its my crime,
but if it's not my crime entirely, taking the stand as alone as ever,
My partner gone, the room empty, just the judge and me, alone then
So if that judge does look at me and says "innocent", what would i do
Would i just go free, back to plain ,back to normal, and idiotic sayings
I hope not, because, I am guilty as everyone else is, of pain and lies
Blood and sweat, tears strolling down, feeling emotionless,
We have all felt that moment, of all these combined,
My fears are shared by society, shredded by people, laughed at
I'm scared of myself, being myself, look at others with complete truth
So i will never raise my hand, i won't speak or lie or care,
because my fear is just too great, my life is just too small
It's so small, so incomplete, i feel so gone, so alone
Standing on the sidewalk, moving slow and mournful,
reaching the edge, the curve, the *****, the mountain to climb
If i step into the lane, the cars, would i be forgotten, like others
Would i be like the rain that comes down and ,we notice it sure,
But forget what it gives us, would i just be the puddle after
would i be an ad in the newspaper claiming a sad tale,
I'd just be a story to tell to people about the community,
Forgotten like half of history, lied about by people who didn't know
I'd be just a story afterwards, but if i turn and walk down the street
Would i ever succeed at something, make my way to the courthouse
and say to that judge on the podium, "You don't get to decide"
what would happen, to me, to others, to us as people entirely,
And so i walk on, sludging through everyday life, concerned
Yes, i may trip and stay down for a few minutes,
but i will get up and walk on until i get to that courthouse,
And am able to say my piece to the judge
as we all are the problem
and i would say,
"Judge, we are all guilty"
wow look a vent poem thing
Dec 2019 · 27
Bones Dec 2019
O' little one, tales of old and new,
shall tell you of our history, whether fake or true,
there's always two sides to a stories,
perspectives unknown,
would you be our savior,
with love we haven't known,
for when people have self doubt,
we will never grow,

O' growing faithful one, your stories appearing
you fought others for glory,
but is it who you're meant to be,
follow the path of your mind,
and do not stray,
for you shall be the one to save the day,

O' youngster of my brethren, you have turned wicked
and your heart is now cold, where did you wrong,
have you no pride, for what you've created
have you no sorrow for those killed,
whist your knives be stained with red,
and your clothing wet from those tears,
that they shed, for you have no mercy
and we have no hope

O' old soldier, do you see what you made,
a land of horror and pain,
children and men are scare all the same,
and you are the cause of it all

do you feel pain
or do you feel happiness
do you feel pride
or sorrow
do you feel nothing
or everything
I'm sorry you're helpless
You fool of mine
This took me two days to write since i couldn't find an ending for it at first
Dec 2019 · 379
I can't help
Bones Dec 2019
I guess one look was all it took,
to make me fall in love with you,
but i can't handle this right now,
because i'm too busy to love you,
But i can't help, steal looks at you,
I can't help but think about you,
I can't help loving you,
A little ago, i felt my heart grow,
and I know you're the reason for it,
I can't help it,
But, i'm so scared, to support and ask you
Over there, i don't you to not like me...
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