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55.7k · Nov 2014
Eye Games
WickedHope Nov 2014
Dark eyes make me melt

Light eyes pull me in

Brown eyes are my weakness

Blue eyes are my sin
I am kinda obsessed with eyes, and this little blurb popped into my head the other day.
47.7k · Jan 2015
Goodnight, Sweet Dreams
WickedHope Jan 2015
Goodnight, Bug*                                  
                                   *Sweet dreams, Bee

Have all my love                                  
                                   *And dream for me
Based off of a thing that happened c:
33.8k · Nov 2014
Pencil Me In, Or Out
WickedHope Nov 2014
I am the pencil
writing on the blank page
that you can easily ignore
or erase

I am a pencil
trying to write on skin
no damage done unless
I press deep

I am just pencil
because I am expected
to make mistakes
you don't keep

I am not a pencil
for then I could not die
or end my life in
I am floating in nothingness.
27.3k · Nov 2014
WickedHope Nov 2014
that          form
sente            ­     nces,
that                       form
rope,                         which
ties                               itself
into a                            noose.
Your                         ­     words
are also                    a rope,
that saves me from
Sorry if you can't read it.
19.5k · Jan 2015
WickedHope Jan 2015
My dress, my dress
Girls gabbing about Prom
The almighty Prom
It's all any of you talk about
December to May
What dress to buy
What hair to have
But all I can think about is him
And how I'd love
To have our own
Prom, a private prom
And just be with him
This is **** and I don't care. (Yes I do... :/ )

17 weeks away and I'm already sick of the Prom talk. Ugh.
I just want to see him.
17.3k · Jan 2015
"Sleep, Beauty. Sleep."
WickedHope Jan 2015
I wish I knew how to
Freeze myself
In a cryochamber
So I could wake up
In fifty years or so
When no one will
Remember me
Or what I've done
I have weird thoughts.
16.3k · Nov 2014
Don't Talk Dirty To Me...
WickedHope Nov 2014
Don't "talk *****" to me.

I don't want that,
Not nonchalant naughty nouns,
Or violent verbs,
Or anxious adjectives.

I want to be drippingly adorned and intrigued,
By adjectives that ache and torment,
By verbs that are vibrantly vital and tantalize.

I want to be left longfully lusting after lambent language.
I want phrases
that are fantastically formulated
to keep my attention.
16.1k · Dec 2014
Shell or Skeleton
WickedHope Dec 2014
I wish I didn't feel so empty without you

   I'm hollow
      All that's left is my core
         I'm just paper thin, tearing skin
   **All I've left is my black heart, melting away
Sometimes I forget how unstable I am.
I'm very.
- - -
Might add to this at some point.
15.0k · Nov 2014
Pain With Pain
WickedHope Nov 2014
Why is it we cure pain with pain?

A burn with utter incineration?

A cut with mortal stabs and fatal slices?

A tear with larger rips and further shredding?

A break with complete shatter and growing fractures?

A love with a deeper, truer, more honest and raw  love?
I think I'm getting worse at this poem thing.
I've basically stopped rhyming altogether it seems,
at least to me.
14.2k · Sep 2014
WickedHope Sep 2014
You became my everything, a best friend.
Then stopped talking to me with no explanation, no apology.
13.9k · Aug 2014
My Feet
WickedHope Aug 2014
My feet
Are so far away
From my head.
I think that they are
The most fortunate
Piece of my body.
Rarely are they
Or stabbed.
Or sliced.
They even try
To hold me up
When I'm too dizzy,
Depleted to think.
To bad I hate them,
For they are still
A part of me.
13.7k · Nov 2014
Only Guys Have Sexy Scars
WickedHope Nov 2014
Look at me
My skin
Has dealt with a lot

                         I have lived through
                         Tumors and attacks
                         Cuts and bruises from me
                         Bruises from him

My poor skin
In the end
This damage is
All for naught

                            *"Scars are only **** on guys..."
I don't know whether to hate myself or you more right now.
Everything is so confusing I could cry.
WickedHope Jan 2015
Why did you eat that?
Don't you know
You're already fat?

Everyone is staring,
At the way your skin
Is swelled and sagging.

No one wants you,
With all that extra cargo
You look 200 pounds.

Put the food down
And go for a run --
You look disgusting.

Why did you eat that?
Don't you know
You're already fat?
11.3k · Sep 2014
I Wish I Was Badass
WickedHope Sep 2014
I wish I was badass
            people took me seriously
            I wore contacts, not glasses
            I actually had that piercing
            my tattoos were cooler
            my scars were sexier
10.9k · Dec 2014
How To Impress Me
WickedHope Dec 2014
Be real
Be original
Be classy
Be traditional
Love your family
And save me from mine
Tell me nerdy jokes
Make me snort out laughing
Let me adjust to your touch
Be patient enough not to rush
Remember the things I tell you
And open up to me too
Ask me questions
Bandage my cuts
Be my two A.M.
Be yourself
And let me be me
Because I never really told him,
even though he never really asked.
10.7k · Dec 2014
WickedHope Dec 2014
When I close my eyes
I can still feel your hands on my waist
And I wonder
If you still taste the same
Guys, I'm ******* cold.
10.4k · Aug 2014
WickedHope Aug 2014
that caress my face
on my hips
moving down my back
gripping hard my *******
on my thighs, on my ***
i don't want there
that pin mine back
over my mouth
that don't let me say  no.
10.3k · Sep 2014
Not Good Enough, Sorry
WickedHope Sep 2014
Never as good as the one who came before
Always compared
Live up to the expectations
You failure
Be more like the one that came before
Never enough
This, is one of the reasons I'm depressed, more going on than the words let on though.
WickedHope Oct 2014
I want to stand behind you and
     press myself up against you.
I want to gently nip at your ear.
I want to wrap my arms around you,
     and trace my fingers over the arch of your eyebrows
     and down your cheek.
I want to outline your lips with my finger tips
     and to bring them down your neck, slowly.
I want to trace your clavicle and run my hands over your torso,
     producing all kinds of friction.
I want my hands to find your hips
     and work my fingers under the waistband of your jeans.
I want to keep you close to me,
     keep myself pressed up against you.
I want to kiss, lick, and bite
     at your neck and shoulder.
I want to make you moan.
I want to have a moment like that,
     and I want to make it last.
I wrote this during an ecology lecture this morning...
I think I'm a little too turned on by the thought of him.
9.5k · Dec 2014
Cuddling In The Loveseat
WickedHope Dec 2014
His green eyes stare into mine
Glistening in the candlelight
Shifting their gaze as it flickers
He kisses my hands and up my arms
Melting my heart and the snow
My cat. <3 ... He loves me because I feed him. -.-
9.1k · Oct 2014
Green To Purple To Black
WickedHope Oct 2014
My past year
I have spent
From Green
To Purple
From Purple
To Black
And I think
It's about time
I just stick
To one colour
8.6k · Oct 2014
Meet Me...?
WickedHope Oct 2014
Meet me
At the place
We laid in
The long grass and
Could see Boston
On the distant horizon.

Would you travel
From lake Michigan,
For one last dive in
The Atlantic with me again?

Meet me
At the place
You teased me saying
You hated the hill and walking.

Meet me
At the place
I teased you showing
More skin than I intended.

Meet me
At the place
Where the lights aren't so harsh,
And I gave you all my stars,
Letting you trace constellations
One by one,
Until you could map me -
Navigate me.

Would you come
Meet me there
Once more,
So I could try to
Give you all the things
I could not before?
I have to stop this.
8.5k · Nov 2014
Don't Tell Me, I Don't Care
WickedHope Nov 2014
don't tell me i make bad decisions,
  like i don't already know.
don't tell me i'm in the wrong frame of mind,
  i'm tired of frames altogether.
don't tell me i am a minority,
  because i'm a **** endangered species.
don't tell me i should keep my mouth shut,
  when i barely open it anyway.
don't tell me i don't know the consequences,
  because i do,*

i just don't ******* care anymore*.
WickedHope Jan 2015
Why did you stay
I never asked you to stay
I wish you would leave
It would be easier
My mind distorts reality
Though I'll never tell how much
But when you're here I can't
Go and get the hell out
I can't do this with you here
Leave, leave, I'm begging dear
I need to get away, as do you
You just leave me
And I'll leave you
Walk down the stairs and
Don't come back
I'll just stay here with shards of glass
Then when I turn and see
You've gone down the street
I'll slit my throat
With no one left
                              to hold on to me
I hope it's goodbye this time.
8.2k · Jan 2015
Erotic? Umm...
WickedHope Jan 2015
I want to write something ******,
But I'm too shy for that.
7.8k · Jan 2015
Never Touched
WickedHope Jan 2015
How can I miss,
long for, lust
after skin I haven't
ever touched?
7.8k · Nov 2014
Home, Scary Home
WickedHope Nov 2014
Please get me out of here
I can't bare it, can't stand it
I need you to come back and save me
Home has never been home
The root of my hurts, pains
I need you to come back
Help me get away
Title is dumb, suggestions welcome.
7.6k · Nov 2014
'Mature,' Me?
WickedHope Nov 2014
"You're so mature..."*
Is that why you thought
That I could handle
You walking all over me?
Treat me like a child,
Then call me such an adult.
I don't understand.
I was too young for you,
But really I think the problem is
You're still too juvenile for me --
(And I'm five inside.)
I don't know why this happened, but here ya go.
7.3k · Sep 2014
WickedHope Sep 2014
I'm too short
I'm too tall
I just wish my height
Didn't matter at all
Why does my height effect who I am as a person?
WickedHope Jul 2015
the bends and curves were my favorite
you let me cover you
smother you
my favorite form
this expression
black bleeding over you
on top of you
into you
kiss me one more time
with the petals on your tattoo
I just found the picture.
More to come about this.
7.2k · Oct 2014
On My Skin, Under My Skin
WickedHope Oct 2014
Tickle my skin
He laughs and says
*You're my favourite sin
Did I say you could ******* touch me, you *******?
I'd yell this, but I'm too scared to move.
7.1k · Oct 2014
WickedHope Oct 2014
Two A.M.
6.9k · Aug 2014
WickedHope Aug 2014
I should go
You said to stay
So I never left
I stayed too long
I killed you
I should go
WickedHope Dec 2014
I'm curious...

How did my ExxP parents
Give birth to two IxxJ children?

How did my 'ideal match' parents
Get such a ****** up marriage?

How does my T father
Really feel about and think of his F son?

How much does my ISFJ brother
Hate his INFJ sister for stunting his F growth,
Because our ESTP father, my shadow type, has annihilated mine?

How am I supposed to be able to predict
My ENFP mother's flip-flopping parenting,
Even if we're both NFs?
Finally decided to sit down and type my family (, ehhhhh...).
Only one I'm not certain of is my brother.
- - -
You'll probably ignore/not get this, unless of course you're a certain INFP who I had in mind while writing. (******* The Wing)
6.7k · Nov 2014
Hush, Now (10w)
WickedHope Nov 2014
Don't compliment me,
I might start thinking I'm worth something.
I have to stop writing 10 words and
actually write a **** poem or two.
6.7k · Sep 2014
WickedHope Sep 2014
Thank you
To the boy
Who smiled
At me

It went
A long way
Sometimes, it's the little **** that matters. :)
6.7k · Oct 2014
Broken Toy
WickedHope Oct 2014
you're thrown
against the wall
onto the floor
enough times
you'll crack and break

you're played with
grabbed at
enough times
you'll believe
you're the toy
you're treated as
I'm so ******* broken.
6.4k · Dec 2014
He's A Freshman
WickedHope Dec 2014
He's a freshman.

Does that make me a pervert?
A junior would be fine,
A sophomore isn't too bad;

But he's a freshman.

If I was a guy and he were a girl,
     Would I feel less weird?
Am I a cougar?
Because I'm a senior, and

He's a freshman.
I kinda have this weird attraction to/crush-thing on a freshman in one of my electives...
- - -
What is this?
6.3k · Sep 2014
One Sided
WickedHope Sep 2014
Are you afraid?
Do you not at all care?
Are you merely flattered?
Do you even want to love me?
I have no idea how you feel now.
Has it changed or do you still feel the same?
6.3k · Nov 2014
Saturday Mornings
WickedHope Nov 2014
Do you remember Saturday mornings?

Passing notes across the table,
Exchanging juvenile expressions,
Laughing and learning
About who we really were.

It was during this time with you
I discovered myself.
Now I'm lost again, I need your help.

I have forgotten Saturday mornings,
And Friday afternoons,
And every late night.

Do you remember Saturday mornings?
Because I'm trying so hard not to forget.
6.2k · Sep 2014
Fake (15w)
WickedHope Sep 2014
Let me fake a smile
Fake a laugh or two
I'm not real anyway
WickedHope Dec 2014
For a moment, I can close my eyes and my senses blur,
My thoughts lose specificity and fade into nothingness.

I'm not worthless or any of those things I shout at myself.

My nose, my mouth, my throat, and my brain tingle;
I am swirling with the fragrance and taste of more than yesterday.

Perhaps it won't last, but for now I'm alone in my basement,
And I've lost track of the thoughts that aren't okay with that.
Shh, I'm not thinking.
6.1k · Sep 2014
May I?
WickedHope Sep 2014
Can I weave myself into you
Like a blanket, or patchwork quilt?
Please, let me.
6.1k · Apr 2015
Hiking. You hated it.
WickedHope Apr 2015
When I look out and see the Boston skyline

I whisper like you're still here next to me
     I whisper like you can here me
          I whisper like you never left
               I whisper like I'll be okay
                    I whisper like it won't bring a tear

And sometimes you whisper back.
6.0k · Nov 2014
All Too Used To Being Used
WickedHope Nov 2014
As your tongue laps
It's way down my front
I sigh with boredom
We're so overdone
5.9k · Sep 2014
Reliving Failure
WickedHope Sep 2014
I cry myself to sleep at night.
Dumb girl.
Why can't you just get it right?
5.8k · Sep 2014
Scars (10w)
WickedHope Sep 2014
painfully cut, broken, damaged, and burned
5.7k · Jan 2015
Metal. Mechanical? Me.
WickedHope Jan 2015
When the cool metal
of my necklaces rests
on my breast
and I shiver,
I wonder if this is what
my heart feels like?
It's not like any of you even read my notes.
5.7k · Nov 2014
Loyally Manipulated (10w)
5.7k · Oct 2014
Broken Girl
WickedHope Oct 2014
Why do they have to ******* degrade me?
Fight so hard, intimidate me?
I walk around bruised and scarred.
Is it fair my life's this hard?
Stay at his place, each night he breaks me.
Can't go home, they choke and cage me.
Twisted, confused, walk around broken.
Mustn't seek help, not a word of this to be spoken.
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