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  May 2020 Mugsy
Debbie Embrey
roses bloom opening their hearts
daffodils smile to see the morning sun
at last Spring has sprung
We need something to look forward to, and I thought what better than a new season with all its trimmings?
  May 2020 Mugsy
Heart of fortune filled with frecklish love for solitude,
One minute i love all, the next i love nothing.
I dont know what my feeble heart desires.
  May 2020 Mugsy
The light in us make the sun dark
Wherever we go, we leave our mark
The cold in us makes death hot
If not,
why do we recycle our hurt
Standing next to the sun won't stop us from shinning,
Fighting the devil's champion won't stop us from winning
Wars are won by guns and swords,
Hearts are won with right words
That's why we are poets,even more,never less
We are poets, above all else
This is to every poet dead, alive, and yet unborn
  May 2020 Mugsy
I really appreciate each and everyone of you.
The Lord Jesus does not need you but loves you all.
Each and every one of you are very special .
To him and me as well , your life is favored.
By him from the very beginning of time began.'
He use you to write your Poetry to encourage others,
For you and your readers shares an connection.
For out of your poetry , do you reveal your heart.
From your heart toward them is a connection built.
  May 2020 Mugsy
Sarita Aditya Verma
Days of uncertainty await many
Days undefined lived by many
Days together / apart lived by many
Days never to be forgotten / remembered lived by many
Days that bring days are the days that many have been living
Days beyond, to look forward to are the times and days wanted by many
What are these days

Every Day
Positive thoughts and energy would take us all to the days that are meant to be
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