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Debbie Embrey Apr 2020
roses bloom opening their hearts
daffodils smile to see the morning sun
at last Spring has sprung
We need something to look forward to, and I thought what better than a new season with all its trimmings?
Debbie Embrey Feb 2020
her heart is easily broken
love inside prevails
her dreams fly free
we are blessed
to know such affection

her heart is in the right place
listen closely
you can almost hear
precious heartbeats
we who know her
are blessed
Kaitlyn is our granddaughter. Sometimes I feel she can do no wrong. I'm proud to be called her grandmother. 💕
Debbie Embrey Feb 2020
sunshine or rain
indoors or out
poetry day

Every day should be a poem day... even if it isn't written.
Inspired by a poet here on Hello Poetry. I signed one of her poems with these words: Every day should be a poem day... even if it isn't written.
Debbie Embrey Jan 2020
yellow breasted
blue and red feathers
tiny smiles
I see it all

simple chirps
fluttering wings
gentle tunes
I hear it all

songs that soothe my soul
melodic tenor
I feel it inside

they're the sweetest songs
I ever heard
I was reading a book about birds.... a gift from our daughter. This came to me in my desire to see Spring again.
Debbie Embrey Dec 2019
Each day that goes by makes me realize more and more about how precious life is. Life is short. Flowers bloom and later fade away. Rain must fall to see the splatters on the water. The sun must shine that we see life ~ our world ~ in its full beauty.
Don't take life for granted. It's too short. It's too precious.
Sometime in life our eyes are opened to see what could have been; what still might be. The secret is that we need to stop and smell the flowers. Absorb life not with our minds, but with our hearts.

— The End —