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Dec 2019 · 353
It rained
It was the time when clock was ticking exactly 12.
The stars started fading and sky covered itself with clouds.
A little boy opened the door hearing the rain, the soil was wet and it had the fragrance of freshness in it.
The mesmerizing sound of droplets amazed him.
He smiled and wished facing the sky, the one wanted to be a pilot , so
that could do a hifi to the clouds, but the illness he was bound to would never let his wish to be fulfilled which he knew .
He stepped in the rain  and it rained, just rained
Oct 2018 · 696
The shortest fairytale
It was quarter past ten in the morning when the little heart first saw you. It was nothing like before after seeing you. You look pretty the heart complimented, but the brain stopped the message, the brain knew that the heart won’t be able to handle anymore.

The next day we met, you were wearing glasses “how could someone look so gorgeous?” The soul thought as she became eyesome to someone’s heart.

It was the third day they both met again but there was an awkward silence, it happened to be the shortest fairytale as they both knew it was the last time they are seeing each other. While she was walking away, she turned back with a look in her eyes ,which was both appealing and calming, the other heart wanted to say that “u are the reason of his smile “ but could not say a word and both left.
Ending the fairytale.
Oct 2018 · 2.4k
Letter to love
I am your necessity and unruly desire.
You know I am your Lungs worst enemy.
Still, you won't leave me.
Thanks for that.
One day I 'll be the reason for your one of the diseases.
And you are ok with it.
Campaigns being raised to stop me, but thanks
You ignore them.
I am disturbing the environment and you are the one helping me.
At last, I wish everyone can think like you and destroy the civilization entirely.
With love,
Your Cigarette.
Oct 2018 · 197
I miss u like never before
There are times sometime when I need to express, not for you, not for others but for me.
It may be because we have walked a long road together enough to tell you I miss u like never before.
We had fights, we created a big drama to which we cried and others smiled. I miss the rides we had together, there were plenty of ups which we embraced together. There was a time when we had no worries about what and where we gonna be. Now having those worries I still miss u.
Today even whenever our path crosses we see each other with a pleasant look but we never talk, ,we turn around with a heart taking us to a memory lane the more the distant we become the more the lane distorts. Still I say I miss u like never before

— The End —